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Life revolves around hard earned cash. Without this medium of exchange, nothing would get done. How else would you convert a teacher’s hour of work to a plumber’s hour of labor?

In our society, we typically pay those that provide more valuable services more than those that do not. However, as you will find out, it is often hard to distinguish which profession pays more.

Salesman – Garbage Man

The Salesman makes $53,000 per year. The Garbage Man makes $59,000 per year. In our society, that means we value the services of someone that takes away our refuse more than someone who facilitates economic exchanges. Go figure, eh?

Teacher – Stripper

One would expect the teacher to be paid more. Education is vital for the future of society. However, human nature and society is a fickle thing, often placing emphasis on momentary pleases rather than the long term. The Teacher earns $53,100, $20,900 less than the Stripper at $74,000. I hope it was not all in single bills.

Fast Food Worker – TV Worker

One person handles potentially unhealthy food in an environment that has raised several red flags of the years for increased risk of cancer. The other watches television and making notes as to what would be better viewing for the general public.

Even considering the limited value of both workers, one would expect the Fast Food Worker to make more, simply because he is actually creating a product. Sadly, that is not the case. $18,720 for the burger flipper, and $25,000 for the TV. Not bad for someone who is risking his health for a bit of entertainment.

Account Manager – Wine Steward

One of these professions is vital to keeping the economy going. The other knows the best way to get drunk. Which would you wager gets paid more, and why?

The Account Manager brings in $48,000 per year, while the Wine Steward nets just under $51,000. The reason for this is simple market demand. Account managers are common enough that the value of their work diminishes slightly, while there are few professional Wine Stewards, causing the relative value to spike.

Creative Director – Submarine Chief

One deals with individuals under a lot of pressure, wanting to get the project done so they can get out and see some sunlight again. He deals with all sorts, and few are in any mood for chitchat. A mistake on his part can ruin people’s days, and give him no end to the gripping. The other makes food onboard a submarine. Whose customers are also under pressure and wanting to see the sun again.

Which would you wager would bring home more cash at the end of the day? Supply versus demand rears its ugly head again. The Submarine Chief is an odd man, whose skills are in short supply. He brings in $200,000 while the more common Creative Director nets a still-respectable $94,000.

Midwife – Egg Donor

A midwife is someone whose sole purpose is to ease the delivery of a newborn into the world. An Egg Donor provides a couple having trouble conceiving the opportunity to have a child of their own. Both of these are vital in the formation of a family, and both deserve to be compensated accordingly.

Which do you wager makes more? The Egg Donor nets $60,000, while the midwife brings in $34,000. Apparently, providing the seed of life is more valuable than greeting a newborn when she arrives.

Social Media Specialist – Magician

One pulls figures out of his hat, telling his client who is more popular and what is going on. The other brings joy to children. Now, I believe that children are more important, so the results brought a small smile to my lips.

The Social Media Specialist brings in $48,000 while the Magician brings in an additional grand, $49,000. I guess he managed to find a stack of $100 bills in addition to his rabbit one day.

Athletic Trainer – Chocolatier

One promotes good health, reducing long-term illness risk and helping to lower medical expenses. The other does the exact opposite, by providing a yummy treat that is bound to add inches to anyone’s waistline.

Think back to the stripper – who made more due to society’s fixture on momentary pleasure. That crops up here as well, since most would rather eat chocolate than go to the gym.

The Athletic Trainer nets $44,000, while the Chocolatier whips up $90,000.


What should you take away from this? Society places a focus on momentary pleasures, and insanely rare skills. Not everyone is cut out to work in a submarine, whose smelly confines and low oxygen are bound to screw with anyone’s mind.

Next time you see a stripper, but don’t have a twenty, don’t feel bad. She makes more than your kid’s teacher.

Ultimately, provide a service that society deems valuable and you will be rewarded.

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