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Many people see a lot of growth in their careers following their entry-level position, and then, sooner or later, feel like they’ve hit a wall. If this sounds all too familiar, you may be lying awake at night wondering how you can kick your career back into the fast lane.

While the economy and other factors that are out of your hands can come into play, there are still some active steps you can take to speed up your career progress…

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Have a Reliable Organization System

Being able to organize yourself is essential to getting ahead in any professional environment. Although tech tools can certainly help, a lot of this comes down to simply coming up with a system that works and making it a habit. Whether you treat all of your tasks with equal importance and take them one at a time, or you categorize them according to priority in a system like the Eisenhower box, getting into a set system, and then making it one more habit in your life, will ensure you have plenty of time to complete the tasks you’re given to the best of your abilities, and support your career progression with the spare time you create. No matter what your skills and talents are, they’re nothing without good organization!

Live to Learn

If you want to deliver more value to your company, and propel your career forwards, you need to be constantly looking for the next way to improve your skillset. After about a year in a new role, many people become comfortable with the workloads and tasks we’re expected to complete. These then become the routine, and many people find themselves going through the motions, and never really moving anywhere.

This is the kind of career rut your average life coach spends their days discussing with their clients. If you’re at a point in your career where everything’s seemed to slow down, and you’re simply not being challenged anymore, then your skills and knowledge probably aren’t growing. If these aren’t being developed, then the next step in your career is going to be a long time coming! Consider looking into some training resources within your company or online, focusing on developing one new skill or area of expertise. While there are bound to be free resources for doing this online, you may commit to it better if you invest a bit of money!

Develop your Conflict Management

If you’re working in a fairly large company, then you’re likely to have a wide range of opportunities open to you. However, you’re also likely to have a lot of people you have no choice but to work with: a massive human cocktail of conflicting personalities and opinions. When you’re climbing that corporate ladder, you’re going to face conflict sooner or later. Successful people tend to have much better conflict resolution skills than people who stay in the same job for their whole careers, so try to focus on this as you move forward. Exerting confidence while handling conflicts can work miracles for the speed of your career progression!