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Are you wondering why you are not being called for interviews? If yes, either you are not qualified for the positions or something is wrong with your CV. If you are qualified for the jobs you are applying for, then check your CV, it might include information that makes recruiters not to consider you. Here are seven things you must never mention in your CV:

1. Senseless Purpose or Objective 

Your CV’s objective should not be unbelievable or outlandish. It should be achievable, practical, and matching with your skill set and abilities. Steer away from meaningless and vague objectives like ‘searching for a challenging position’ or ‘searching for an environment that allows me to utilize my skills fully.’ These objectives are unclear and fail to give an insight into the specific objectives that you have. A good objective is specific and accurate and speaks about the particular role you are applying for. An ideal objective should sound like, ‘An accountant with five years’ experience aiming to maintain and balance the company’s books while finding new ways to save the company on cost.

2. Salary Details 

Avoid including salary details in the CV because different companies have different structures of compensation. If you include details of your salary and you fail to fit into the salary structure of the job you are applying for, you might be rejected before the first interview. You may also be rejected because you are asking for more than they are willing to pay. Exclude these details so that when you qualify for the position, you can negotiate for the salary you are seeking during the final interview.

3. Unnecessary Personal Information 

It is essential for you to include personal information such as marital status, sex, age, and hobbies but do not go overboard and include personal likes and dislikes. Even when you are the right candidate for the position, you may be disqualified for including this unnecessary information. Exclude details such as religious views, political views, and sexual orientation because they may make the recruiters biased against you. Additionally, exclude interesting things like unorthodox experiences and social life since they might portray an image that is unserious. If you want to include personal information, include personal details that are relevant to the role.

4. Poor Grammar 

Poor grammar is one of the most prominent CV killers. Poor grammar and spelling reduce the worth of the claims made in the CV regarding education and work experience. Proper grammar is used to predict the attitude of the applicant when working for a firm. Poor grammar portrays negligence, and no recruiter would want to hire a casual individual. Ensure you proofread your CV severally and ask a third party to go through it for you.

5. Fake Information 

Steer away from making false claims in your CV. Nowadays, recruiters can obtain personal information with ease. Be careful when choosing your words and ensure you are entirely truthful. According to statistics, 33% of employers reject applicants due to information found online. For instance, don’t lie about your salary to get a better job. In case you get picked for the position, and the recruiter finds about your lie, you could be sued. Additionally, avoid information that cannot be verified, negative information regarding your previous employer, whining, and complaints since they show a lack of professionalism.

6. Irrelevant Achievements 

Avoid irrelevant achievements like becoming first in a school marathon. Only indicate accomplishments that relate to the role you are applying for.

7. Reason for Leaving Previous Employment 

Do not state the reason for leaving your previous employment as it may be a distraction from the objective of the CV. Mention this information only when asked during the interview.

Avoid including these seven things in your CV, and you will be one step closer to your dream job! If you want help with your CV, visit