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The lure of getting back to nature and working in the open air is really strong for some. Many envy farmers their physical freedom, outdoors lifestyle and the satisfaction of raising crops and livestock. Farming isn’t quite as idyllic as some may think, and there are a few things you need to know before starting a career in farming. But it can be made to pay well – if you think like an entrepreneur. Farmers must adapt to changing markets like any other industry and always be looking for ways to diversify and make their business pay.

Renting Out Land For Events

There are constant events, festivals and gatherings that require space, alongside people looking to get back to nature by pitching a tent and camping. Make empty land work harder and drive a profit by capitalising on this demand. Do some research and find out what is required in the way of power infrastructure and wash room facilities for a campsite. Or if your land has some outbuildings, could you host barn wedding ceremonies? If you live close to scenic coastline or popular tourist areas it’s definitely one to consider.

Raising Specialist Animals

As well as the usual livestock, there is good money to be made in raising niche market or specialist animals that can often fetch a premium. Check where the gap in the market is locally, and look into the requirements for some special breeds. You can sell the animal itself, meat, feathers or fur and sometimes eggs. Examples would be quail, guinea fowls, ostriches, goats, alpaca, llamas or deer.

Profiting From By-Products

All farming enterprises produce by-products, and some of these can also be turned to profit by a savvy agriculturalist. For example, if you keep birds for eggs, you can sell feathers for crafters and those who like to make things. Even the ultimate waste product- manure – has a value and can be sold as a natural fertiliser. Selling your by-products certainly helps offset the latest bill from your agricultural supplier.

Renting Out Storage Space

Even unusable land can be made to earn its keep if you hire it out for storage space. Outbuildings that can be made secure could house storage units for people‚Äôs personal belongings, but it doesn’t end there. You can also use land to charge for storage of trailers, motorhomes, boats, coaches and other large vehicles. Be aware that you will probably need some extra liability insurance in place, and although it’s not a necessity, good security features and CCTV are extra selling points.

Offering Educational Workshops

There is a growing interest in homesteading these days, and even people with a small garden are wanting to learn how to grow vegetables, make cheese, honey and jam, keep chickens or bees and other agricultural pursuits. Offering classes or workshops is a great way to add to your income stream and pass on your skills and knowledge. Whatever your specialism, share it with others and offer talks- you could even supply the equipment for them to get started for a separate charge.

With a little foresight and imagination, you can make farming a profitable enterprise and enjoy your dream job while making money.