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Property investors care about one thing: money. It isn’t rare for a backer to focus on the green and nothing else. Some say this is a savvy move because it helps increase the ROI. However, concentrating on one area of a complicated project does have its drawbacks. After all, there are other elements which contribute to a successful foray into the real estate realm. Once you understand this to be true, you can get a real gauge on the cost of an investment.

Below is a selection of the factors which investors should know before signing on the dotted line.

Things Go Wrong

If you get a quote from a trusted advisor, please take it with a pinch of salt. The odds are the price will rise in the coming months. The reason is the many different variables at play. From covering taxes to getting a licence, it isn’t as simple as buying a building. And, then there is the complex process of finding the money for a down payment and investment combo. Odds are you don’t have the money under a mattress, which means a loan is essential. Any agreement with a lender will incur interest and bump up the overall cost. Sadly, it’s never a smooth ride.

You Have To Make Changes

Don’t assume people will buy the property or lease it without inspection. Options aren’t as ubiquitous as before, but people won’t commit to a Christmas turkey. Unless the property is a golden goose, a renovation or two will be necessary. Aside from the additional costs, a real estate remodel contains other risks. For example, a contractor may get hurt during the process. Without insurance for contractors and their team, you are liable. Yep, it isn’t enough to hire a building expert and let them crack on with the job. To be safe, you must cover your back in case there is an accident.

It Takes Forever

The stories of people flipping properties for a tidy profit get exaggerated. Some may be true, but the majority don’t mention the months it takes to find a buyer. And, that is without the months it takes to finalise the deal and get the keys. Investors believe they can buy a property and start making money as soon as possible. You shouldn’t make that mistake. Not only does it cost money, and lots of it, but it requires time too. The key is to understand whether you have the patience for a long-term project. The reality is investments are usually long-term and not short-term.

Impacts Health

Say it doesn’t go to plan, you will get stressed, lash out in anger and lose sleep at night. Unfortunately, all three of these contribute to health issues ranging from mental illness to heart disease. For beginners, it’s worse because no one knows what to expect. Unpredictability and the unknown are the leading causes of stress in the world. Sometimes, an investment can cost much more than time and money.

As always, think before you act. Otherwise, a “sure-fire” investment could turn into a nightmare.