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When we enter the world of real estate, most of us are told to forget everything we know about buying property. We remove the heart from the buying process, and think solely from a business standpoint using pointers like those found at We forget what we were after when buying property for ourselves. Instead, we look at prices in an area, and sometimes settle on properties without viewing them.

And, of course, this cold approach is essential in a way. There’s no point investing in a beautiful property no one’s likely to buy. But, it’s possible that taking your heart out of decisions altogether could be damaging. After all, if you don’t foresee what your clients will love about your property, you can’t guarantee it’s there. So, next time you view a property, think about more than just the practicality. Put yourself in the place of your buyer, and inject the heart back into your real estate search by considering the following points.

Has it got that something special?

When buying personal property, we usually consider the way it makes us feel. Many buyers report feeling an immediate connection to houses, and some even buy based on that emotional connection. For obvious reasons, relying solely on this feeling isn’t a practical investment plan. After all, it’s easy to create a homely vibe with the right decor and lighting choices, and those come later. But, it may pay to bear this in mind a little before buying. Take your investment head off for a while. Consider what you would notice about the property as a personal buyer. Are there any features which you love? Does the layout run smoothly? At the very least, considerations like these will highlight areas for improvement.

What about the view?

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Many property investors work with high rise options, like those found at From an earning angle, this makes sense. But, part of the main appeal in properties like these is the potential for stunning views. This is worth keeping in mind as you look around. If an apartment balcony faces onto another high rise, it’s unlikely to wow potential buyers. Instead, sea views, or views of the city, and sure to go down well. Just like a real viewer would, take a little time on the balcony. Think about whether you could look at that view every day.

And the neighbors?

During viewings, most people try to get a feel for the area. Whether in a neighborhood or an apartment block, you can guarantee potential buyers are going to look out for bad neighbours using checklists like this one found at And, you should do the same. Instead of just looking at statistics to judge how desirable an area is, look around when you’re there. Spend some time listening to anything you hear from the neighbors. Pay attention to anyone who walks past, or any kids playing in the street. All these factors can point towards a sound investment, or a major mistake.