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Many city dwellers dream of being able to escape to a condo at the beach whenever they fancy it. But, most of the time, life gets in the way. There are more important things to spend the money on, and none of us take as much vacation time as we should. We spend our weekends catching up on chores or getting a head start on work, and we fail to relax. Well, this could ultimately affect your mental and physical health. Believe it or not, buying that condo and making sure you get out to it as often as possible, could mean that you live a longer, healthier life.

You’ll Get More Exercise


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One sure way to make sure you stay healthy for longer is making sure you get plenty of exercise. But, who wants to spend their life running about at the gym when there’s so much else to do? Especially as you get older. Living by the beach means you’ll enjoy long strolls, have a go at beach sports and generally spend more time outdoors, moving. Even gentle exercise like this helps you sleep, reduces the risks of depression, helps you maintain a healthy weight and can fight off a vast range of health problems.

You’ll Eat Better


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Investing in condos by the beach gives people more time. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you’ll have time to experiment cooking new foods. You’ll also be surrounded by gorgeous fresh foods and a huge range of fantastic restaurants. Eating better will help to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure down. Meaning you are less likely to have a stroke or develop a heart condition. It’ll also help reduce the risk of obesity, which comes with its own health concerns.

Your Brain Will Stay Active


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Getting outdoors and spending more time trying new things means that your brain will stay active. You’ll also have more time to read, practice your hobbies and speak to a broader range of people. All of these things can help to reduce the risks of mental health problems and cut your risk of memory loss and related diseases.

You’ll Experience Less Stress

City life can be exceptionally stressful. Excess stress leads to depression, high blood pressure, and a lack of sleep. All of which can shorten your life expectancy.

You’ll Have Fun


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Happier people, tend to live for longer. Having a condo at the beach will mean you’ll have a lot more fun. Especially when your family comes out to visit, and you get to show them the sites.

You’ll Avoid Isolation

Isolation is a huge problem for older generations. Once people stop work, they get out and see people much less. It’s a common cause of depression, and unfortunately, many people suffering from isolation start to experience poor health in the few years after finishing work. Beachside communities thieve, and isolation isn’t something you will have to worry about.

Owning your own condo out on the beach is a brilliant way to make the most of your life. You’ll be fitter, healthier, less tense and you’ll enjoy life a lot more. Surely that makes it a worthwhile investment?