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When you’re looking for a solid career path that can provide you with a lot of rewards, progression, and enjoyment, you should definitely consider starting out in property. Although it’s not easy to figure out the best career path for you, when you start to look at what you need from a job, you can easily start to match things up. Regardless which avenue you choose, property can be a prosperous trade with great prospects for advancement. So if working with this section is appealing to you, let’s take a look at some of the firm career choices you have as options.

Real Estate

First of all, let’s talk through the one position that probably comes to mind as soon as you think of property: real estate. Working in real estate can give you a lot of different advantages. Not only can you make some great money throughout your career, but if you specialize like Lorne Goldman, you can become very knowledgeable too. And it’s this knowledge that can lead to career advancements and even launching your own firm.

Property Development

Closely related to a career in real estate would be working in property development. Now, you could look at this in two ways. First of all, you could work for a development company as a project manager or even in sales – which can be similar to real estate. Or, secondly, you’d also have the option to start out with your own property development business, fixing up old houses and either renting them out for a steady income or selling them for a profit.

Interior Design

If you love the idea of working with property, but you’re not so keen on sales, you should definitely look at what skills you do have. If you’re creative, then interior design could be a great option for you. Becoming an interior designer is something that can be quite easy if you have the skills and are ready to gain the experience. You may even find that a course in design can help you to get off on the right foot.


Maybe you’re less creative and a lot more practical? If the development side of property appeals to you, then you may also want to think about going into construction. Whether you’re experienced in trades, or you’ve only done a bit of DIY, it’s relatively easy to get the experience and training you need to joint the construction industry or a specialist trade. However, you may need to be licensed and certified before you can trade.


Finally, if you like the idea of combining both a creative side with a practical creation side, then landscaping can be a great choice. With landscaping, you may be outside, but you’re still working with property. Whether you work on residential properties or in the commercial sector, you’re still contributing to the housing and building industries and creating something unique. Best of all, you may not need any qualifications to start out, just your passion for landscaping and the knowledge to do it.