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It is a common misconception that there is no violation of the Nevada Lemon Law if continuous or unreasonable car repairs are covered under warranty and therefore not at a financial cost to you. Thankfully that’s untrue!

You should not and do not have to put up with constantly wondering what’s next or how many more days you will have to be without the car due to it being in the shop. When you pay the new car price you deserve to have the luxury of being free of such worries.

The Nevada Lemon Law gives you legal rights to be treated fairly and the Amar Law Group facilitates the process, whether it is by obtaining a replacement car or a cash reimbursement for all of your inconvenience.

If you are subjected to ongoing trips to the shop for the same car problem and/or if there is an unreasonable accumulated time that your car has been in the shop for warranty repairs the Nevada Lemon Law can benefit you.

You do not need to go without compensation when your new car value or your ability to use it is jeopardized. When you pay a new car price you should be able to safely assume that you are also buying some peace of mind that may not come with used car purchases.

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