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We’re currently in the middle of great change in the healthcare market. The GOP has put forward a bill to change the current system deployed by Obama and alter the way that Americans receive healthcare. There will be more choice, lower costs and, hopefully, better services.

But because the healthcare market is so complicated, coming up with a plan to sort the sector out is fraught with difficulty. Who will insure those with pre-existing conditions, for instance? And should other people be forced to pay for it?

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Even though the healthcare system might collapse in a couple of years’ time if nothing is done, it doesn’t mean that the health care itself will collapse. It will just mean that there will be a change in how health care services are administered and who pays who. The underlying demand for health services is stronger than ever.

Right now, around 18 percent of all the money in the economy goes into the healthcare system. But because healthcare is one of those goods whose demand keeps rising the wealthier we get as a society, there will be more opportunities for people in the sector in the future. In fact, with all the new wealth that is being generated by robots, there’s a good chance that the healthcare industry will become the largest industry in the world over the next century.

It’s Good Pay

The first benefit of going into the healthcare sector is the pay. Top medical professionals regularly earn more than $80,000 thanks to the fact that the industry is very discriminating about who it lets in and also because you need a high level of skill. Yes, the training can be tough. But with more online options, such as, it’s becoming easier all the time. Going into the medical sector will provide you with a proper living, not just enough money to cover the bills.

You’ll Feel As If You’re Needed

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On top of the obvious pay benefits, you also get to feel as if you’re needed. Patients are regularly grateful to medical staff who help them overcome illness or who provide compassionate palliative care. Medical professionals, including occupational therapists, report having very high levels of job satisfaction and engagement.

The Healthcare Field Is Exciting

The day to day experience of a healthcare professional is never dull, as health professionals themselves will attest. There’s always some new challenge to overcome or some new problem to solve. But the industry as a whole is moving forward leaps and bounds with every year. For instance, just this last year, scientists have been running trials to use genetic therapies to conquer heritable diseases with massive success according to Many predict that from now on, now that science has the tools to manipulate the genome, these previously “incurable diseases” will be cured at a rapid clip in a way that defies all expectations.


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Finally, medical careers offer a wide variety of opportunities.. If you’re interested in a very particular area of healthcare, then you can pursue it, be it prosthetics or pediatric nursing.