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Briar pipes are known for their full, satisfying feel on the hand, without being compromised with excess weight. Briar pipes are extremely durable, stylish, and perfect for the modern smoking gentleman who prefers the hold and feel of a good, solid pipe. Mr. Brog is the leading pipe manufacturer in the European market, and has been hand-crafting the best Briar pipes since 1947.

With Mr. Brog’s unrelenting dedication to smoker satisfaction, it is now shipping internationally to meet the needs of sophisticated pipe smokers worldwide. A quick survey of Mr. Brog’s briar pipes will reveal that this brand really has every pipe smoker covered with the sheer number of styles and benefits that come with each model.

Among the pipes that we loved from Mr. Brog’s current catalogue of briar pipes are the Orient Briar, Briar Wood Block, and many more. The 19-inch long Orient Briar is an exquisite, handmade piece that any smoker worth his name would love to have in his collection. The individual wooden details are breathtaking, and the deep mahogany hues on this pipe make it an attractive set piece as well as a desk attraction when you seat it.

The gentle hook of the cup for the tobacco also makes the pipe quite accessible, and it’s a practical pipe for daily use. In sharp contrast with the 19-inch Orient Briar is the stout Briar Wood Block, which of course you can use as it is or you can carve on your own to suit your taste.

Some smokers like carving and designing their own pipes, and you can do that with a Mr. Briar pre-drilled wood block. For those who want a longer pipe, but would like a smoother and darker outer finish reminiscent of the pipes that were in vogue in England a few centuries ago, there is the No 114 Constance Mahogany Briar Tobacco Pipe.

Everything about this pipe spells “Sherlock!” and that’s a good thing, because it makes this pipe an instant classic and talking piece, too. The golden accent near the cup also makes it even more of a luxury piece, and every smoker should definitely have one like this in their collection. Perfect for some introspective thinking, or when you’d like a slow-burn relaxation with a good pipe that won’t heat up near the lips any time soon.

Another interesting line of pipes that we’d like to feature here is Mr. Brog Freehand Briar Tobacco Pipe. What makes this line interesting is the all-natural look that they go for with the tobacco cup itself. Far from looking haphazardly put together, the Freehand series looks like a distilled drop of nature, and the natural flow of the wood, as well as the ‘rough-looking’ exterior actually make the pipes look even more stylish and interesting to look at. These pipes are also compact, and the smooth Mr. Brog mouthpieces feel great on the mouth, so you’re still getting that great Mr. Brog experience despite the ultra-modernist look of the cup.