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Do you think that working in the hospitality sector is just about ensuring all your customer enjoy their stay at your hotel or guesthouse? Maybe it was like this at one time, but now we are in the 21st Century, most hotel managers are now waking up to the fact that their industry is being affected by many modern trends. And, in order to succeed in this sector, you need to be open to adopting as many of these trends as possible. You will certainly reap the benefits once you do! Here are some of the most recent trends to have the biggest effect.

Using Data To Boost Customer Experience

In the past few decades, most hotel owners and managers simply handed out questionnaires to their customers to find out how much they had enjoyed their stay at the hotel. They would use this information to try and improve the whole customer experience. However, these days, it’s all about collecting data to boost customer experience. For instance, a lot of hotels are now revamping their customer loyalty program in order to attract new people. This then helps gather data, feedback from customers, and also makes customers feel extra special when they are suddenly sent an unexpected reward!



Utilizing New Tech

It is absolutely crucial that the hotel industry keeps up to date when it comes to new technologies. For instance, social media has been invaluable in building up a new customer base for some hotels over the past few years. And there are also lots of new booking and reception software that hotels should invest in to improve their customer service. Don’t worry if you can’t afford them as sites like will offer you the finance no matter your financial situation. And once you get these new technologies, you will find that they can greatly boost your income, making it easy to pay back any loans needed to pay for them.

Sustainability Is King

There is one buzzword that is on most customers’ lips these days: sustainability. More and more people are choosing to stay in sustainable and eco-friendly hotels rather than businesses that are not so aware of their carbon footprint. So, if your hotel or accommodation isn’t currently environmentally friendly, it is very advisable to start switching to a more eco-way of business. You will find that this can increase your loyal customer base and help you bring in more profits in the long run.



Find A Niche And Focus On It

Not all modern hospitality trends are focused on advancements in technology, though. For instance, there is a current trend for focusing hotels on certain niches. If you take a look at hotels in any city, you will see that there are now lots of themed hotels, such as Of course, you don’t have to find a quirky theme. You could instead focus on a certain type of tourist. For instance, there are now lots of London hotels that cater specifically to Asian tourists.

As with any professional industry, the hospitality sector is now affected by modern trends more than ever!