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When you have lots of land, you have lots of options, especially if much of that land is vacant. With a little imagination, there is no end to the number of things you can do to make a good living from your acreage.

Unfortunately, a lot of landowners never do realize the potential of their raw land, and as a result, they miss out on what could potentially be millions of dollars of revenue over their lifetime.

If you’re currently sitting on a lot of land, or you’re thinking about investing in some, here are just a handful of the creative ways you can make money from your land:

Build Unique Homes

If you have a lot of vacant land and you’re wondering what you can do with it that will make you a lot of money in a fairly short amount of time, you might want to look into building unique spec homes. The demand for high-quality, unique housing is always strong, so if you can get it right, you could make a pretty penny.

You’ll want to hire a good architect, professional contractors and use the best materials available to you so that it will demand a significant investment upfront, but if the quality is there, you will make a significant profit, especially if you build more than one house on your land.

Preserve Wildlife

On the face of it, preserving the wildlife on your land, although it might be a noble thing to do, might not seem like much of a money spinner, but it really can be if you do it right. If you work hard to preserve the plants and animals on your land, turning it back into a natural habitat for nature and you create trails for people to explore that habitat, you can make money either by charging a small fee for entry, setting up a gift shop or café or running tours. The possibilities for making nature work for you are limited only by your imagination.



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If you have a sizeable ranch property similar to the ones available at, then you can most certainly make a good living as a farmer. Of course, running a big farm is hard work, and you can expect to out in long hours, but it is a fairly rewarding way to use your land for profit. If you don’t want to do the farming yourself, you could always rent some of the space to other farmers and make money from farming that way, or you could set up your own small micro-farm, which although not as lucrative, will give you a better work-life balance.

Recreational Activities

If you have lots of land, turning it into a hub of recreational activities, where friends and work colleagues will come to have fun and participate in team building events can be extremely lucrative. Whether you turn the place into a dirt biking trail, hold paintball tournaments, set up a clay pigeon shooting area or hold yoga retreats on the premises, you should see a steady stream of visitors all willing to pay a pretty sum to spend time on your land.

Educational Activities

Alternatively, you could set up your land as a place where adults and children come to learn vital life skills. Depending on your land, you could offer survival skills and bushcraft courses, mushroom picking classes or events that teach children more about the natural world. It might not be as lucrative as some of the other options in this post, but it will be much more flexible because you can organize events only for the days/weeks that suit you and leave the rest of the time free.

Set Up a Tree Farm


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If your land is already home to or has the potential to be home to a whole forest of trees, you could certainly make a good living from harvesting timber. In fact, some areas of land are home to timber which is worth farm more than the properties that reside on the land and this is a fact often ignored by the owners to their considerable detriment!

Harvest Fruits

If cutting down trees isn’t something you would like to do because you think they’re beautiful and you’re concerned about the environment, you should perhaps consider turning your land into a fruit orchard yourself. Depending on the climate where your land is located, you could grow apples, lemons, nuts, pears, oranges, and avocados and by selling them as local produce in the area, you could make a fine living, all while enjoying the beauty of the trees on your property!

Camping or Glamping

Campers are always looking for new and interesting places to put up their tent or park their RV for the weekend. So, if you have the land, build a few bathrooms and start advertising yourself as a campsite. If you want to make more money, consider setting up teepees, yurts or even treehouses on your land to attract the glampers, who, as you can see at are willing to pay surprising sums of money for a glamorous camping experience with a difference. It’s pretty easy to set up too.

Erect Wind Turbines


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Renewable energy technology is now at a place where it can very efficiently generate large amounts of energy for the everyday use of us all. If you have a lot of land doing very little, erecting a small wind farm could make you a large living if you’re able to strike a good deal with one of the big energy companies.

Start a Solar Farm

If you don’t live in a particularly windy area, but there’s lots of sun around, you could also erect a solar energy power plant, which you could either use to power your own property, or which you could use to feed energy back into the grid, making money in the process.

Set Up a Storage Facility

If you’ve ever watched shows like Storage Wars, you’ll know that self-storage units are surprisingly popular right now as more of us seem to have more stuff than we can comfortably keep at home. It may, then, be a good idea to transform some of your land into a self-storage unit where people can keep their excess stuff safe for a few weeks. Months or years. Doing so could see you making more money than you might have imagined.

Hold a Festival


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Big festivals like Glastonbury, Burning Man and Ozzfest make big money for the landowners, organizers, vendors, and musicians who attend. So, if you have space and you’re happy to have thousands of people enjoying a good time on your property, it might be worth looking into starting up your own festival. If big one-off rock concerts aren’t your think, you could still make a decent, albeit probably smaller living, from holding smaller scale festivals and events like local food and craft festivals or literary events.

A Tree-Top Adventure Park

If your property is home to lots of trees and none of the above options for making money from trees appeal, perhaps turning your treeline into a fun-filled adventure course like the ones at might appeal? You’ll have to ensure that everything is safe and properly permitted, but once it’s up and running, it could conceivably attract people from all over the country, as well as locals looking to get fit in a fun way.

Create a Retreat

If your land is set in beautifully serene surroundings, it might have the potential to become a relaxing retreat center where people come to relax, meditate, do yoga and try out holistic therapies. You’ll need to build some sort of accommodation, and perhaps a spa, but these kinds of businesses can be very lucrative indeed.



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If your land is in a place where there’s lots of demand for parking, and too few places to do it safely and legally, turning some of your land into a parking lot could really pay off.

Start a Vineyard 

Love wine? If you live in the right climate, why not transform your vacant land into your very own vineyard? Not only will you be able to enjoy creating and sampling your own wines, but if they’re good you’ll be able to sell them locally and internationally too!

Build a Golf Course

Golf courses can, of course, be extremely lucrative, due to the propensity of the rich and famous to enjoy a game on the green. Creating a golf course from scratch isn’t cheap, with some estimates from golf course architects coming in at as much as one million dollars per hole. But, if you can raise the money, you could build a profitable business in a relatively short time.



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Lots of horse lovers don’t have the space to keep horses on their land, so if you provide it to them, you could make a fair amount of money, especially if you have a lot of space to turn into stables and exercising grounds!

Do you have lots of land? How have you made it work for you?