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While the last blasts of summer might still be being felt across the country, for most of us, September heralds the onset of autumn. While the weather might not change for a few more weeks into the month, it’s hard to feel summery by the time the ninth month rolls around. There’s still time to go before it arrives, which means you have a few weeks left to enjoy that summer feeling – and also get ready for the seasons to come.

While it may have been a wet and windy summer for most of us Brits, there have been the occasional spells where the weather has been a pleasure. After being able to wear sandals and short hemlines, retreating back into autumnal wear isn’t going to be welcome.

Nevertheless, keeping yourself feeling and looking good as the weather begins to turn is an investment in and of itself. Whether you want to spend a lot of money, with the help of secured lending and a few dents in your savings account, or just want to do as much as possible with what you have, here are a few end-of-summer body and beauty rituals that will keep you feeling good all autumn long.


1) Start Deep Moisturising Your Face Now

Autumn and winter take their toll on your skin, so begin the fightback before the battle begins. A good moisturizing routine can really make a difference in preparing your skin for what’s to come.

- Try using essences – a Korean concept that is applied between your serum and moisturizer – to help your skin get the most of your moisturizing product.

- Use a lighter day cream and then a richer night cream to ensure your skin is catered to throughout the day. Night creams tend to be thicker, as your skin absorbs their properties over the course of the night. If you wake up with your skin feeling tacky or sticky to the touch, then try a thinner layer the next night.

- If your skin is really struggling for moisture, try adding an oil at night. This can make your skin feel rather thick – especially if you have also used a day cream – but can make a real difference when you’re in need of a moisture boost.

2) Trim Your Hair

It’s not just your face that is going to feel the discomfort of winter; your hair can struggle also. As with skin, the biggest issue is that cold air can drain moisture from your hair. Starting a routine now can help you start off the colder months on the right foot, and give you the best chance of getting to next spring without wanting to pull your hair out.

- Get your hair professionally trimmed so as to remove any existing dead ends, even if this results in a shorter style. Your hair will be healthier for it.

- Try and oil your hair at least once a week, preferably overnight. Use a shower cap to prevent any leakage onto the pillow.

- If you have a little more money to spend, then why not consider a professional conditioning treatment? Professional treatments tend to penetrate deeper into the hair, as well as offering a level of protection against anything that autumn might have to throw at you.


3) Make The Break From SLS

SLS – which stands for sodium lauryl sulphates – has been demonised by proponents of natural beauty for years now. While many people use SLS-containing products without problems, you can still stand to benefit from cutting SLS from your routine. You might be surprised, however, to discover how many products contain this problematic compound. Given that SLS can be drying, getting rid of it before winter could make a real difference to how you feel through the colder months.

Check these products for SLS and switch to SLS-free versions if needed:

- Shampoo

- Body wash

- Conditioner

- Dish soap

- Laundry detergent


You may find that switching from SLS-containing products is an expensive way of buying beauty and household items. While this is true, it is nevertheless worth trying just to see if it makes a difference to the moisture levels of your skin. If you’re really struggling to afford these items, then it’s always worth sending a quick email to a company that produces SLS-free products and asking if they have any samples you can try. This should at least give you an idea of whether or not they make a difference for you, so you are able to justify any future purchases.

By getting the above three areas taken care of, you can at least look forward to autumn while still having the time to enjoy what remains of summer, too!

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