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Businesses need money to be successful. Although wise men and women try and argue differently, it’s a fact. Without the right amount of cash, a company cannot perform the most rudimentary of tasks. Plus, a team of employees will not work for free.

Businesses are always searching for funding, and it gets boring. If you have had enough of scrolling through page after page mind-numbing jargon, you’re in the right place. Finance doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be enjoyable.

Here are four ways to put the fun back into funding.

Avoid The Tried And Tested

It’s easy and tempting to head to a bank and ask for a loan. The same goes for a brand spanking new credit card. However, not only is alternative finance profitable, it’s enjoyable. The reason is the difference in the experience. Say you opt for a private lender; it’s better to learn about new practices than to go over old ground. Sifting through mountains of paperwork is monotonous, so you might as well learn something along the way. Third parties such as take it to a new level. As the middleman, they arrange for both sides to meet and arrange a deal. There is nothing as enjoyable as letting another company do the heavy lifting.

Role Play

Okay, so you are about to head to the local bank to ask for a loan. You could do it alone, or you could get the office on board and assign everyone a role. Simply put, the process is a dramatic one which you can play out beforehand. The trick is to consider the people who you will be dealing with, from the clerk to the bank manager. Next, try and write dialogue which deals with the potential problems and roadblocks. Then, come up with the solutions that will help you avoid any potential hurdles. Role-playing is fun and it can help you prepare beforehand.

Party Games

The average adult has an attention span of around 30 minutes, and that is generous. After 20, people start to nod off and lose focus. Unfortunately, applying for funding is a lengthy process that takes hours on end to complete. If everyone has to sit and stare at a computer screen for that amount of time, they are going to go insane. Thankfully, you can take inspiration from a party game such as musical chairs. By getting up and switching seats every 20 minutes, it will help the team regain their focus. Just make sure there are enough chairs to go around.

Change The Atmosphere

Funding is a serious thing, which is why the tension in the room may be palpable. Why not take away the pressure and replace it with a casual and informal mood? There is no doubt that people respond better to a workplace which is mature and not authoritarian. Plus, playing music to soften the tone is scientifically proven to increase output. An excellent tip is to pass out food and drink to keep the office well fed and motivated.

Finding funding is boring, but (hopefully) this advice will make it bearable.