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Finance is a complex and diverse subject which can span across many different career paths. If you have always loved maths and have a knack for statistics, there are plenty of ways you can spend your career working with finance. Here are some of the careers you can go into if you love finance.

Corporate Finance

The first type of job is perhaps the most obvious choice if you want a career in finance. Corporate finance involves you working for a company and being the person who balances the books, manages wages and makes sure that the company is staying on track and making a profit. This type of job has a lot of amazing prospects because you can work your ways from an entry level finance assistant all the way up to a finance director of the company. Your day to day jobs will involve learning about supply chain and the function of your business, and coming up with ways to lower the cost of business processes. You will also liaise with the government to make sure that every employee is paying their taxes correctly and also making sure that everyone is contributing to a retirement fund. It is a very diverse and complex role which will give you a lifetime of growth and development.


Banking is one of those jobs which we have all heard about, but many of us don’t know exactly what it entails. Commercial banks offer a huge range of services to their customers including opening up current accounts, making savings accounts, paying off mortgages, taking out loans amongst other things. It is a diverse role because you can go into many of the different departments in the bank and work your way up to the top. Working in a bank is a great way to become exposed to more people, improve your customer service skills and work your work your way up to the corporate offices where you can make some serious cash.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is. It the same thing as regular banking, and in fact this is one of the more glamorous careers you can have in finance. Working with investment is an incredibly interesting job because you will be able to he,o investors with their finances and making sure that they make the right decisions when it comes to putting their money in stocks. Investment banking will give you the chance to work in many different areas and find the one which suits you the best, and it can be incredibly lucrative.

Private Equity

This type of financial career will involve you helping businesses to find the capital they need in order to expand and grow their business in new areas. You will also be responsible for providing financial advice to a range of different type of people and businesses for things like business transactions, restructuring projects and other things.

Mortgage Advisor

If you have an interest in property as well as finance, you can train up to become a mortgage advisor in your local bank or even freelance in your local area. As a mortgage advisor you will be the first person people come to when they are looking to purchase a home, and you will be the person who talks them through the process, offers advice and helps them decide which direction to go in. You will be an integral part of the home buying process for many different people and you will have a huge responsibility to your clients.

Financial Planning

Many people struggle with controlling their personal finances and working out how to budget for the various aspects of their life. As a financial planner you will be the person who offers them advice and points them in the right direction to make sure that they are able to keep themselves afloat and not land themselves in debt.


Insurance is one of those financial terms which can be rather confusing for a lot of people, and by working in this industry you can help people to secure their property and make sure they are safe and secure financially. You can take a look at this insurance website to get an idea of the different types of insurance you can work with, and you will be able to advise people on their insurance policies and make sure they make an informed decision.

Infographic Provided by BizInsure

Online insurance company BizInsure analyzed data from more than 5000 of their customers and came up with this infographic about professional liability cost

Infographic Provided by BizInsure

Debt Counsellor

If you enjoy talking to people and keeping them secure in their finances, you can be the person who gives them advice when they fall on hard times and into debt. There will be a time in many people’s lives where they struggle to make ends meet and have to take out a loan to pay their bills. If they struggle to pay back this loan, they will fall into debt and this is where you can come in to help the, get back on track and become financially stable once more.

Public Accounting

Accounting is a career which can be very complex and will involve a lot of learning, but it is a great career path for anyone who enjoys finance and wants to work with money in the future. As an accountant you will be the person who is responsible for people’s and business’ finances. You will be the person who tells them what money they have to spend, what bills they need to pay and you will also give them advice on how to save more effectively. It is a huge responsibility but also a brilliant career which will continue to challenge you throughout your entire life.

The choice of finance careers is almost as broad as the choice of careers in general, which means that whatever your interest and your area of expertise, you will be able to find a great career for you. The trick to choosing the right career path in this area is to do your research, make sure you know your options and try to do some work experience too. In no time you will find the perfect career in finance for you.