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There’s a lot of pressure these days to keep up with your peers. If your friend has been accepted to every college that he or she has applied to, but you’re receiving rejection letter after rejection letter, it can be the most disheartening experience in your life to date. One thing you might want to consider is whether college is the right avenue for you to be venturing down in the first place. With the increasing costs of college tuition, it’s not appropriate to say that you want to get a degree purely because your pals are going and you think the social life will be pretty good. You need to be focused on your career goals and work out whether college will help you achieve them.


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What Do You Want To Do For A Living?

Everyone has dreams of being an astronaut or a ballet dancer or a pop star when they’re six or seven years old. However, when you’re considering your career options as an eighteen-year-old, the dreams that you have will be all the more realistic. If you want to become a doctor, then college is a necessity. However, with a wealth of other careers like those listed at, an apprenticeship or junior position that doesn’t require a degree may be more appropriate. These are great options if you’re not the most academic of people and relish the opportunity to get stuck into a meaningful job at the earliest opportunity.


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The Cost

Whereas it’s a well-known fact that college graduates are acutely more employable than those with a high school diploma, you have to consider the debt you’ll be facing once you graduate from college. If your parents are unable to fund all of your fees, they may need to head to a site like and compare the features of different loans and work out if they can afford to take on debt themselves. By focusing your efforts on an alternative career path, or working for a couple of years before you head to college, you can negate this.


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Don’t Succumb To Pressure

Just because all of your friends seem to be heading to college miles away from home doesn’t mean that you have to. You shouldn’t feel odd if you don’t feel ready to make such a big leap into the world on your own. You’re not alone in feeling like this. Many people prefer to head to a cheaper local college and live at home to save on outgoings and still maintain a sense of normality. Some people are natural home bunnies and aren’t ready to cut the apron strings just yet. If you need more time to consider your options, there’s nothing wrong with taking a year out and doing something constructive with your time such as volunteering, heading out on a gap year working holiday or taking some time out to travel. Each of these things will help your future college application and your employability.

Heading to college is a massive step personally, socially and financially. You need to make sure that it’s the right path for you and your future otherwise you could be making a costly mistake.