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If over the summer you are one of the thousands of people around the world that graduated college with a bachelors degree, then the world really is your oyster! But figuring out what you want to do after graduating can be tough. Because there are few limits, it can be a tough decision to know what to do.

You might have always had a plan in mind, and now it is just about executing that plan well. But if you’re one of the many people that isn’t too sure what to do, then here are some things to think about after graduation. Which route will you take?



Get a Graduate Job

One of the things that most graduates are going to do is to look for a job. But are they looking for an interim job that will just pass the time for now, or a job that they can use them to propel them onto something else? Graduate schemes can be a good idea, as they can accelerate the learning in a company and get you a better role than you would have had without a degree. A site like could give you an idea about how they work, as they can be pretty competitive, for obvious reasons. So make sure that you’re confident with your application and know the company well.

Get Your Finances in Order

There is nothing like four years worth of student debt hanging around your neck to motivate you to get a job, as well as motivate you to clear the debt that you have. So get your finances in order now that you’re no longer a student. Set yourself a budget, live within your means, and make a repayment plan. It might even be worth looking into something like debt consolidation to help you clear it all faster. A site like may be able to offer some additional information. Just make sure that you’re not getting yourself into more debt unnecessarily.

Consider Self-Employment

If you’ve learnt anything from University, it may be that you don’t want to work for anyone else. Why do all of that hard work to not get a cut of the money? So for many graduates, self-employment can be the next natural step. It might be a solo business that you start out by yourself. However, it might be something that you can get straight into with others, and get a proper business established. Just go over your business plan, secure finance if needed, and run with it.

Pursue Post-Graduate Education

If you think that the world of work isn’t quite ready for you yet, rather than the other way around, then a post-grad option might be better for you. Some career choices will need post-graduate qualifications, so that will make complete sense. Others might just broaden your horizons and make your options greater in the future. So apply, check funding, and see what happens. You could always work alongside studying to help you on your way.

Good luck with your decisions!