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Websites (unless heavily specialized) are not art projects. They need a certain set of parameters to inspire the use of the end user. They need to be easily accessed, routinely updated, and always relevant. It’s arguably one of the most important assets of your public relations strategy. The quality of your website will have a genuine, important impact on the development of your revenue streams.

We’re here to help you avoid making any undue website mistakes, especially concerning the development of your business offerings online.

Taking Possession

Any website which forces the user out of control of their browser or cursor experience is objectively poor. You should always hope to allow for a natural, respectful and seamless interaction from the end user interacting with your platform.

Popups, changed cursors, strange navigation requirements as well as heavy resource load will all contribute to developing a negative impression of your website for sure. Respect your visitor enough to make the correct visiting decisions themselves. You’ll notice a big difference in your web traffic.


This is perhaps the most obvious and heinous example of a poor website offering. If your website is down, the quality will never matter. We’d prefer you have no website at all as opposed to a bad website, but neither of these are ideal in the least. Downtime should be rectified immediately, using your own in-house team or a service which specialize in professional website backups.

Time is money, and with the international reach of your website, this could be more exaggerated than you think. Even a ten minute period of downtime can contribute to potentially thousands of dollars in lost revenue. This is a tragedy almost too hard to conceive of, especially when you’re a new business, emphasising the importance of using reliable and professional domain hosting services.

Regular maintenance must also be taken to prevent too much downtime. If you can purposefully keep two hours of pre-planned and announced downtime, you might help identify issues which could take you down for a longer time in future.


Even neglecting to update your website for a couple of weeks could render your platform irrelevant. If you’re in the field of content generation, this is even more pronounced. For businesses, always attempting to keep the product line updated, with new promotions and loyalty offers, new coupons and advertisements will always help the website feel fresh and new. You should hope for an almost full rotation of your offered product lines at least once every month depending on the breadth you have there.

Adhering to common website development expectations, completely redesigning the UI of the website should occur every few years. This will help you make use of better web platforms, more suitable programming languages coming into style, and adapting to the new mobile phone and platform technologies which come out. Technology is being innovated all the time, and this means there’s more of a pressing demand for you to adapt your platform for compatibility.

With these tips, your website is sure to avoid the most heinous mistakes possible.