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Unless you’ve hit a particularly lucky IT path, it’s likely that if you’ve been working with digital technologies, you’ve encountered a variety of confusing and complex issues. The problem is, you can’t press Ctrl + ESC keys to sort out your IT struggles anymore. The old days of hacking into the console are long gone. But that doesn’t mean that you should endure IT challenges and let them ruin your working day. On the contrary! You need to be able to identify the kind of problem you’ve got to find the right expert. In short, here’s how to troubleshoot your IT issues with the most relevant experts for your business.

OMG, we’re out-dated!

It can be difficult for small businesses to stay in touch with the constant evolutions of the digital world. If you haven’t planned to update your IT systems in the previous years, it’s likely that they are already out of date and might be a liability for the future of your company. They might even facilitate data breaches or the presence of destructive bugs that could damage your business intelligence. That’s precisely why companies like Mustard IT offer comprehensive IT support and consultancy to small businesses. They enable you to switch to the best solution for your needs.

If this looks familiar, it’s time to upgrade

SOS my website gets a high bounce rate

So, you’ve been working hard on your website, and yet you still can’t get your visitors to stay on it. In fact, you are even experiencing a high bounce rate. When visitors leave your website immediately or leave a page without interacting with it, it’s referred to as a bounce. Why does that happen? There are many reasons for a high bounce rate, and not all of them are in your control. However, a quality website can improve the situation. For instance, getting the design of the website right can comfort visitors into staying. Working with a professional copywriter to update your content also reduces bounces.

Wasting all the budget on PPC

What if you’re spending a lot of marketing budget in your PPC ads, but you still can’t see the result of it? If you’re new to Adwords, you may be committing some of these common mistakes: Using broad match keywords, not making the most of Google Analytics, and not understanding referral URLs. An Adwords certified expert can help you to clear up your ad campaigns and define a clear filter to follow your leads and improve your conversion potential.

Google Adwords

I’ve got no follower

There’s nothing worse than creating a social media profile and not gathering any follower despite your best efforts. In fact, you may be posting every day with no result. So what’s going wrong? Maybe your content isn’t original, and therefore doesn’t attract any attention. Or maybe you don’t engage with other social media users and create only a stream of self-centered posts. Managing social media campaigns is a full-time job that you should leave to an expert who can handle publication on multiple platforms and generate natural engagement.

Upscale your social media expertise

There’s an expert for each of your digital problems. However, if you don’t identify the cause of the problem, you can’t find the right expert to help you out. In short, don’t let your business run against a digital wall: Find out what needs to be improved and engage with the right consultants!