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Once upon a time, there was a desirable hero that the common folk dreamt about know as WiFi, both powerful and reliable, but also rare. That’s when things changed.

You see, having a network that is fast and consistent is no longer something people and business’ wished they had, it is something that has become as necessary as ambitious employees.

Every marketplace in every sector has become more competitive – more global – and it is the performance of your network that is all too often the unsung hero, that thin line between success and failure, which is why you need to ensure your network is running at all cylinders all the time.

The best way to do this is to use a managed services company, like, who will be able to prevent any sluggish or temperamental behaviour before it causes any real inconvenience to your business. But the other thing you can do is know what could be causing your network to, how do we say, play up.

Range & Distance

The way in which your network is designed and implemented is of huge importance because you need to have a system that takes into account the full amount of coverage needed. That could mean both inside and outdoors, and so things like access points become hugely important. Another issue on this front can be blind spots in your coverage, which can become more than just nuisance if not corrected quickly.

Interference Is An Issue

With the world now working wirelessly, there are more and more transmissions cavorting about the airwaves and those that operate at similar frequencies have been known to cause interference. This can have a hugely negative impact on a network’s performance as this article on explains. With this in mind, not only is important to have a network that can handle overcrowding, it is also important to install it at a frequency that will ensure minimal interference, especially at peak times.

Big Load To Bear

If your business requires a lot of people to utilise the network’s bandwidth then you need to cater for this from the get-go. You need to make sure that your network can cover throughput speeds that won’t dip depending on the amount of people using it, thus maintaining high speeds and reliability. The best way to make sure of this is to have inbuilt managers that can deal with intense amounts of traffic, whether that be using online software your business requires, streaming videos or downloading and uploading certain applications.

Rise Of Signal Sharing

There has been a huge rise in collaborative software over recent years. Screen sharing, collaborative tools, conference calls software and many more real-time solutions have all come into the frame, allowing people to communicate through a single network. This can pose a problem to networks that are not equipped to handle this level of subscription or delivery and could cause your network to go down, as any IT support service will attest.