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Found Yourself in a Bus Accident? Don’t Panic and Follow These 5 Steps Instead

Posted by on Jul 11, 2019 in Legal | 0 comments

Riding a bus is a convenient and generally safe form of transportation. In metropolitan areas, bus travel is preferred because of congested traffic and a lack of car ownership. Unfortunately, buses are not immune to accidents. Whether the fault is due to the bus driver, weather conditions, or another driver, injured victims have the right to seek fair...

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All Torted Up: What You Need to Know About Tort Law

Posted by on May 9, 2019 in Legal | 0 comments

Have you ever been involved in an accident caused by another party? Or, has someone ever damaged your property? If yes, there’s every reason you need to learn more about tort law. Basically, it’s civil law that protects people from bad acts by others. The purpose of the law is to charge those who are liable and to ensure victims are...

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Learn More About The Nevada Lemon Laws

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018 in Legal | 0 comments

It is a common misconception that there is no violation of the Nevada Lemon Law if continuous or unreasonable car repairs are covered under warranty and therefore not at a financial cost to you. Thankfully that’s untrue! You should not and do not have to put up with constantly wondering what’s next or how many more days you will have to be without the...

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