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So you’ve been offered a job that’s in another part of the country or is maybe even abroad. The problem is that you’re not sure whether to take it or not. Whether it’s a brand new job that you’ve been offered or your employer has said they’ll promote you but you need to relocate to get the promotion, deciding whether to move for your career can be a tough decision to make.

The concept of packing up your whole life and moving from the comfort of your hometown to somewhere new is terrifying. Let’s be honest about it; moving jobs comes with both excitement and challenges. The problem is that working out whether you should or shouldn’t relocate for work can leave you tossing and turning all night long.

To move or not to move, that’s the question! The key to deciding whether to up sticks, find a new home, hire local movers and head off to somewhere new is the job itself. You see, if the job itself is worth the time, stress and potential challenges that you will face, it’s worthwhile. To help you determine if the job is, in fact, worth moving for, here are some questions to ask yourself.

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Does the new job pay better?

Money is most definitely something to consider when it comes to determining whether a job is worth relocating for. What you need to ask yourself is will you be earning more, and if so, how much more. You see, if a job in another location pays a significant amount higher than your current role, it’s worthwhile taking it. But if it only pays a small amount more, then it’s most probably not worth it. It’s also important to consider whether living expenses are around the same price as they are where you currently live or whether they tend to be lower or higher.

Will this move your career forward?

The next question to ask yourself is whether moving location and taking this role will move your career forward. When considering relocating for work, it’s essential to ensure that you do plenty of research into the position and whether it actually has the potential to move your career forward. Does this new role come with opportunities that your current role doesn’t offer? Is there a chance to progress more quickly and higher up the ranks? Be smart about taking on a new role in another location, determine if it’s worth it.

Will moving improve your life?

The next question to ask yourself is will moving to somewhere new for a new job improve your life. The fact is that your career isn’t everything and although it’s a significant part of your life, it’s not the be all and end all. What you need to consider is what you have where you live now, such as a home that you’re proud of and a close-knit group of family and friends. Would you have the same social life if you were to relocate? Would you love your new home as much? It’s important to consider every aspect of your life when it comes to considering relocating for your career.

Knowing when it’s right to move for your career isn’t easy, but hopefully, the tips and advice above will help to make the process of making a decision, that little bit easier for you.