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There are no two ways about it, college costs the big bucks. Oh, we’re not strictly talking about the tuition fees either. We’re talking about rent, groceries, utility bills, train tickets, laundry, textbooks, going out, buying toilet bleach, just about everything. What’s more, for most college students this is a total shock to the system. That’s why having a little bit of extra money lining your back pocket can be a real lifesaver. The tricky thing is finding a job that won’t interfere with your studies (spoiler alert: this ain’t easy).

Babysitter, part-time barmaid, leaflet distributor, club promoter; it’s all the generic things that always end up biting your academic self in the backside sooner or later. Plus, they eat away at your precious free time. But what if you could make money while in class?


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Oh, yeah, professional note take is a legitimate job and one where there are loads of options. First off, you could see if your college has a disability service or department that needs note takers. However, you could take your ambitions to a whole new level by signing up for a professional online service, like the one here, and essentially get paid to go to class, take super-duper notes like you normally would, and then get paid for them.

This leaves us with just one question then, really; what makes an awesome notetaker?

Stay Original.

It doesn’t matter what service you end up using, or what route you end up taking, you have to remain original. That means you can only sell original work that you, and you alone, created. No scanning assignments you handed in, or that research paper, or photocopying your homework, or uploading presentations that your professor made. Oh no. You can only sell what is original, and that is the notes you made.

Get To Class.

If you don’t attend class then you can’t make any money, it is as simple as that. Why? Well, if you don’t go to class, then you can’t take notes, and if you don’t take notes, well, you have nothing to sell. Besides, going to class is for your own benefit. It is to help you get the best grades so that you can get the best jobs; this whole notetaking game is just to help you buy that pretty dress to wear to that ball next month.

Be Organised.

Genius is all about simplicity. It is about being able to make something complex simple, and that includes notes. If you can explain something complex in a simple way then you are going to succeed in this little earner. That means using simple sentences, keywords, pulling out snippets and keeping things succinct. As states, it also means being neat with the way you present your notes. Like we said, be organized.

Keep To Your Style.

Copying what the lecturer says verbatim is not the way to go about things. What works best is when you put your student spin on things because that is what other students will relate to best. Hey want outlines and perspectives; they don’t want a written recording of everything the lecturer said. So know your voice, know your style and stick to it.