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The role of a car salesman may seem pretty straight forward, but this isn’t always so. The role is varied and interesting, especially for those who love going for the hard sell and have an interest in various automobiles. Let’s talk more about this role below!

The Salary

The salary of a car salesman will vary depending on experience and how many sales are made. It could be $12,000-$40,000 and even more. If you are motivated and have charm that your customers relate with, you could definitely earn on the higher end of the scale.

Skills Needed

Every job needs certain skills, and the role of a car salesman is no different. You’ll need to have sales and negotiation skills, as well as maths skills for working out finance deals and payment plans. You’ll also need to be able to explain technical jargon in plain language. Having customer service skills is also a must, and spreadsheet skills will help.

How You’ll Spend Your Days

You will spend your days meeting with customers, discussing their needs, and arranging test drives. You’ll also need to be prepared to complete paperwork, update stock lists, keep the vehicles on the forecourt clean, and meet your sales targets. Ideally, you will exceed them.

It’s important to consider the customer’s needs whenever you’re selling a car to them. Buying may not always be right for them, and they may prefer to get a car leased. Knowing the differences between the two and helping the customer to find out what’s right for them is a must.

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