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There’s a lot of practical advice on how you’re going to get a job. A lot of steps you can take that make you a more likely candidate. But the truth is that your mindset and the vibes you give off play a huge role, too. People are social creatures and their personal experiences with the individual will color their decisions just as much as all the concrete facts in front of them.

If you want to succeed and find that job, you need the mindset to go with the effort.

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Readiness is everything

Everyone likes someone who is ready. When you spending time preparing for a job interview, you feel a lot more comfortable, confident and you lack those jitters that can ruin it for you. If you show off that readiness, it makes you look in control, but it also makes you look resourceful to anyone doing the interview. Don’t cram your research the night before. Give yourself time. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Meditate a little. Practice questions and body language with a housemate or family member. You’ll feel and look all the better for it.

Every step is worth 100%

If you truly care about your career, you can’t afford to ‘phone it in’ every now and then. You need to work on crafting a job application that not only sells you well but is crafted to the position you want. If you network and build connections beforehand, you have more opportunities to find the job you need. If you’re not giving 100%, you’re giving the same middling effort that the majority of other people are giving. And that’s not going to help you stand out as a choice for any potential employer.

The world is a mirror

Have you ever noticed that people who are happy and successful seem to only keep getting success and happiness? It might like a rigged deck, but it’s the law of attraction as this review states. The world returns what you give to it. Whether that’s positivity and enthusiasm or laziness and pessimism. Becoming mindful of your feelings, finding positivity and climbing up when you get knocked down changes the way that you see the world. People notice that confidence and that happiness and they’re likely to respond in kind.

You are needed

This is the most important thing to get into your head. You have talents. You have a personality that fits well in certain situations. Whether you’re fully qualified or not doesn’t always matter. There is a position in a team that needs exactly what you bring to the table. There are and will always be thousands upon thousands of open jobs out there. There’s a good chance is that you’re going to be a good fit for a lot more than one of them. Keep that in mind and it can help you keep the motivation to look just that little bit harder.

It’s not all feel-good thinking. It’s psychology and it affects more than just your perception. Get to the core of your mindset and make it one that gets the job.