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Things might be better than they were mid- recession, but the job market is yet to fully recover. What this means is there aren’t enough positions, and too many people seeking work. So for every vacancy, there can be hundreds of hopeful candidates hoping to secure the spot. If you’re struggling finding work, there are a few things you can do to improve your employability:

Get Qualified

It goes without saying that qualifications are incredibly valuable when it comes to the job market. Between two similar candidates, an employer is always going to choose the one with the better qualifications. You could go back to college and take an additional course, or study part time or online around an existing job. While going back to study later in life can be tricky when you have other commitments too, it’s so worth doing to get to job you want. Be sure to take all the help you can get, you may be entitled to money from the government to help and there are even brain boosting supplements you can take. Look into the link between nootropic and studying if this is something that interests you. Gaining that extra qualification could be the difference between scoring your dream job and being rejected.


Spending some of your time helping those less fortunate says a lot about you as a person. So having voluntary work on your cv helps to show employers about your nature as an individual. If you’ve not undertaken any voluntary work now is the perfect opportunity. You could spend a whole summer volunteering abroad, or could commit one hour a week to a local cause- whatever works for you. You could enquire in hospitals, soup kitchens, women’s shelters, old folks homes and animal shelters.

These kinds of establishments are always in need of extra help. Other voluntary work that’s valuable is voluntary work experience. If you want to gain some hands on experience in a job to increase your prospects then working for free for a while is a good way to go about it. It shows an employer that you’re ambitious and willing to do what it takes to get to where you want to be.

Have Extra Curricular Interests

Qualifications and volunteering are both impressive, but your hobbies and interests tell an employer more about you as a person. Don’t just stick to the same boring lines everyone puts on their resume- socializing and keeping fit. Maybe you’re learning another language, or take part in an interesting sport. Perhaps you’re a creative and like to craft or make art. Don’t just skim the surface, these kinds of things can show an employer that there’s more to you than just work and can highlight some of your strengths in a different way. Whether it’s sociability, your fitness levels or your creativity.

Write a Blog

Having a credible online presence is something that comes in very handy in today’s digital age. Blogging about issues that are meaningful to you and that you’re interested in helps to build up a knowledgeable online persona for you. This can be added as a reference on your CV and be used to impress employers with your enthusiasm for a particular subject. Having a blog that’s regularly updated shows you have passion and dedication and are able to stick things out too- which are qualities any employer will love.