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Whatever paths life leads us down and whatever professions we find ourselves gravitating towards, it’s safe to say that we all want to do well and excel in the professional field. Indeed, in a post crisis economy, where no job is completely secure and it seems like each rung of the career ladder could collapse under our feet at any moment, it seems as though we must accept excellence as standard if we’re to stay afloat in a this precarious climate. We recognize that as the world of work becomes faster paced and increasingly competitive, it’s no longer enough to simply turn up for work, we need to bring our A-game all day every day. But in an era where we seem to be working longer hours than ever without productivity increasing, it begs the question of how we can unlock our potential in the professional sphere without burning ourselves out. You’re working so long and so hard, surely the answer can’t be to work even longer and harder in an age where more and more people are working 50-60 hours per week?

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Maybe throwing more of our precious and limited time, energy and resources at your job isn’t the surest path to success. Maybe we need to harness our abilities to ensure that we’re at our most productive at work. Healthy workers are productive workers, but workers who are optimally nourished are primed for success in the world of work. Here we’ll look at the way in which the right diet, enriched with the right supplements, can unlock your potential and propel your career into the stratosphere. Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can

Eat your way to productivity 

You are what you eat, and whether you’re vying for a promotion at work or sweating your way towards your fitness goals at the gym, the right nutrition is instrumental in ensuring that you achieve your dreams. The trouble with most workplaces is that the structure of the working day is rarely conducive to peak productivity. We sit down to work and are allowed a single lunch break several hours later before returning to our desks. While it’s a fair point that the logistics of managing meal breaks are a consideration for businesses, these are rarely the optimal conditions for peak productivity in the workplace.

Going hungry all morning can cause our blood sugar to plummet, thereby increasing the risk of cravings. In most workplaces you’ll find a vending machine loaded with high sugar, fight trans fat, high sodium snack foods like potato chips, soft baked cookies and candy bars. These will cause our blood sugar to spike, resulting in a brief energy surge followed by hours of feeling sluggish.

If you’re to get the most out of yourself at work, meal planning and preparation need to become your two best friends. Planning and packing nutritionally rich meals for you to consume at work will be the key to keeping your brain operating at peak efficiency and keep you at your best from the start of the work day to the moment you clock off.

Here are some foods that you should incorporate into your meal planning to facilitate peak brain function;

Breakfast- How about a quick and easy omelette with a side of fresh fruit? Eggs contain B vitamins that improve neurological function while antioxidant rich blueberries improve memory and motor skills.

Lunch- The sun is coming out a tasty salad or a fibrous wholemeal wrap packed with green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. You’ll be loading up with your daily dose of iron to help oxygenate the brain and body, while a generous helping of avocado has the healthy fats that promote blood flow, an essential part of brain function.

Dinner- After a hard day’s work we all get tempted by the allure of the fast food joints on the drive home, but resisting this temptation will help you to keep your health and mental performance on track. A succulent salmon fillet is rich in omega 3 and B vitamins to support memory and focus. Accompanying your fish with brown rice and a side of broccoli will provide magnesium and Vitamin K that can help to promote cognitive function.

Snacks- Lots of workplaces have a zero tolerance attitude towards snacking, even though it can help their employees operate at peak mental acuity. Nothing’s more distracting than cravings and hunger pains so keep your energy levels stable with healthy snacks (even if you have to sneak away for a bathroom break to eat them). Whole almonds and carrot sticks will help to maintain stable blood sugar, warding off the cravings that can compromise productivity while providing magnesium to oxygenate the blood and improve brain function and even help you to manage stress.

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Are supplements necessary? 

Not necessarily but… Probably. Even if your diet is rich in fresh fruits and veggies and lean protein sources like beans, nuts and legumes you’ll likely still need a boost when it comes to your nutrition. Unfortunately, unless you live on a verdant island and can pick your own organic fruits and veggies right out of the trees you’re unlikely to be getting peak nutrition from your veggies. The right supplements can really boost the nutritional content from your foods.

Supplements for success 

Everyone should have access to the right supplements to keep them at their best. While some supplements are more expensive than others, if money is an issue it’s worth checking if you qualify for Medicare supplement plans to save you money on your medical expenses, giving you more disposable income to invest in your day to day health. The right supplements can not only boost your cognitive productivity but ensure lifelong health. While there are a great many supplements that can aid mental productivity, some can be incorporated into your diet easily without having to use supplements in pill form. Things like ginseng and and L-theanine, for example, are known to aid cognitive function and brainwave activity but can be taken in the form of green or herbal teas.

Other useful supplements for healthy brain function include;

- Magtene- A parented form of magnesium proven to maintain a relaxed and alert mind.
- Vinpocetine- An extract from the humble periwinkle known to aid concentration and memory.
- Lion’s Mane- A mushroom known to aid brain and nerve cell health, boosting mental alertness and concentration.
- Gingko bilboa- An affordable and easy to find supplement that aids memory and alertness.