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A job in law is a sought after career. It comes with a certain level of respect from the community and it can be very rewarding. It requires significant training and you will need a law degree to become a solicitor in any field. Typically, you will learn a full spectrum of law and then begin to specialise. The real question is, which area of law should you specialise in?

The are a lot of different areas of law and they all need specialist expertise. We couldn’t possibly list every type of lawyer here, but we will explain the most popular ones. In terms of salary and responsibility, it varies across the board. Corporate lawyers, for example, will make a lot more money than a criminal lawyer. In the end, it comes down to which you feel most drawn to. Most go into law out of a feeling of civic duty. Only you can decide where exactly that leans towards.

Family Law

Family law is notoriously draining emotionally. Family lawyers deal with divorce and child custody on a day to day basis. It can be heart-breaking, but also very rewarding. Family lawyers represent their clients when negotiating a divorce settlement.

They will also see that children are put into responsible care when neglected. Family lawyers will often be in charge of the will following a client’s death.

Corporate Law

If you’re going into law to make money, then corporate law is where you want to be. Corporate lawyers help to negotiate multi-million dollar deals on a daily basis. Often, corporate lawyers will work for their particular company, negotiating deals on their behalf. Other times, they will work as a third party overseeing the deal. In all cases, they are responsible for drawing up the correct wording. More importantly, they ensure that the deals are within the bounds of the law.

Accident Law

The practice of accident law has seen a dramatic rise over the last ten years. Personal injury claims when driving or in the workplace have created a huge new economy. The best thing is, you can practice this law anywhere. On the one hand, you can look after business negligence claims in the city. On the other, you could be a truck accident lawyer in Lake of the Ozarks. These lawyers help those who have been injured as the result of an accident.

Criminal Law

Solicitors that practice criminal law are the type you imagine when you are a child. The wigs and the dramatic courtrooms are all the preserve of the criminal lawyer. Typically they are responsible for the defence or the prosecution of the their client. They are tasked with proving their innocence in a courtroom. In some indisputable cases, they will be responsible for negotiating a plea bargain. This is a high pressure environment but can be very rewarding.

There are countless other aspects of law and you can specialise in your preferred area. There are also environmental lawyers who will fight the case of environmental issues. There are DUI lawyers that specialise in drunk driving disputes. There are also inheritance lawyers and deportation lawyers. Any area where there is dispute requires an expert professional to come to a decision. Lawyers are at the heart of this process.