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You might be thinking about a career in medicine but are you on this path for the right reasons. It’s an interesting question because a lot of people get into medicine and realise that it’s nothing like they thought it would be. For instance, you might be hoping to make a lot of money as a doctor.

If that’s the case, you might find your first paycheck disappointing, to say the least. Early on in your medical career, you will find that there’s a distinct limit on how much you can make. After that, maybe you’ll see some improvements but don’t get carried away. You certainly should expect to become a millionaire purely because you chose a career in medicine. This presents the question, what will you get from a career path like this?

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Chance To Explore The Human Body

One of the key reasons to study medicine would be a fascination in biology. If you love looking into how the body works, how it operates and how it’s affected by certain conditions, this is your chance. You can think of the body as a machine, and you’re a mechanic. You will be able to take it apart and find out what’s wrong. If you’re great, you’ll fix the machine and get it working again. You might think this is a weird way to talk about a career built around helping people. But depending on the type of medicine you choose you might find people really aren’t involved as much as you’d think.

Helping People

Medicine will always be about helping people. But, will you help people on a personal level? That’s a different question because as a full doctor you might find that you get around ninety seconds with each of your patients through the day. Now, if they have a long term condition, you might form a connection over repeated visits. However, if they are in on a one time basis there won’t be a lot of time to form a relationship.

Perhaps this is for the best though because it will make it easier to handle if anything happens to them. Doctors are not encouraged to form close attachments with their patients, and most avoid it completely. That said there are positions in medicine that involve a lot more patient doctor interactions. For instance, you could work as a physician assistant. If that’s the case, seventy percent of your time will be patient care. You can learn what a PA does online, it’s quite fascinating.

Dealing With Death

There’s mixed feelings about whether being a doctor helps you deal with death and mortality more effectively. It’s true that doctors deal with death a lot and human error dictates at some point they might even cause it. But does that make it easier when it occurs in their own personal life? It will be different for each individual. But, it’s fair to say that doctors often have no choice but to accept mortality and understand exactly what it means.

As you can see then there are highs and lows of working in medicine. But it can certainly be a very rewarding experience if you give it a chance. After all, it’s always a great day to save lives.