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When you want a career in real estate, you can often feel like you have to join your local firm and sell properties in your area. Well, that can definitely be an option if you want to stay close to home, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you have lots of options to consider.

A career in property can be very rewarding, so a career change or starting out in real estate can be a great move. Even if you’re experienced, and you’ve worked in the industry for years, you have a lot of progression or alternative options to consider. So if you fancy a change, consider some of these property niches for your career.

International Property

Some local residential realtors will sell property internationally, but, it’s not quite the same cuttle of fish in comparison to international specialists or global companies with offices in many countries. If you love to travel, and you’ve always wanted to enjoy some travel as a part of your career, a job in international real estate may work for you. You may not get to travel a lot, but there will be circumstances where you will need to meet international clients to sell the properties. It can be a lot of fun if you’re looking to work around the world.

Moveable Homes

Then, there’s also the option of working with the kinds of homes that can move around. There are a lot of specialisms in this industry, like RVs, houseboats, barges, park homes or even a trailer. Some realtors will sell a range, but some will specialize in just one. If you like the idea of working with different kinds of homes, a career in selling something like a park home or houseboat could be just the challenge you’re looking for.

Specialist Sectors

Just like there can be a range of specialisms in different niches, there are also specialist homes that warrant particular realtor firms. These kind of firms can be exciting to work for, but you may also need to learn a lot about the types of properties and lifestyles that go with them. So do some research. There are realtors that specialize in things such as mountain top homes, as Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties do, or even lake properties, or homes that can be found on the beach. It can be a rewarding career to work with niche properties and their clients.

High Net Worth

Some realtors will specialize in serving high net worth individuals. Now, you may not be able to start out in this niche without experience, but stranger things have happened. You often need to know what your clients are looking for and be able to meet their every need. If you want to make more money, it could be a great career change for you. The work can be completely different to some local residential property firms, but it can be a fun and exciting niche to work in.


And of course, you also have the option of moving from the residential sector altogether. Commercial real estate might not be for everyone, but you can definitely make the move if you’re looking for something new. You clients will be different, your properties will certainly be different, and the way you work can even be different. But, working in the business to business sector can be great for your career development.