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Sales is a highly competitive business, and it takes a certain caliber of dedicated and confident people to make a successful salesperson. For this reason, sales is one of the higher paying jobs in the business world.

Being able to deliver effective sales pitches to a range of different audiences is a skill which those in the sales industry are widely known for. It is imperative for the points to be put across clearly, for the customer to understand the benefits, and hopefully for a sale to be made afterward. Here are some top tips for nailing your next sales pitch.


It doesn’t matter how confident you believe you are, it is always important to focus your mind and calm your nerves before standing in front of an audience. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and bring your mind into the present. It is almost like meditation before you deliver a pitch. The ability to clear your mind and focus on the task ahead is essential for a successful presentation.

Body Language

The way you present yourself can have a huge impact on the success of your pitch. If you walk into a room with your arms folded across your body and avoid eye contact, you instantly seem closed off and guarded. No one will want to engage with you. Instead, hold your head up high, don’t be afraid to talk with your hands, and make eye contact regularly. It will show that you are a friendly person who is happy to engage in conversation and will put everyone in the room at ease.

Let Images Do The Talking

If you come across part of your pitch which is difficult to explain; use a piece of media. A well-placed infographic, image or video will be able to sell your product much better than yourself. It will bring the audience’s attention to the screen and engage the entire room.

Short And Concise

The last thing anyone wants when they sit in a room to watch someone present is a 2000 word essay. Keep things clear and concise, don’t dwell on the same point for too long, and make sure you add in plenty of breaks between large paragraphs of information.

Keep Everyone’s Focus

It may feel as if you are a teacher standing in front of a class, but the addition of a 303 laser pointer isn’t reserved for just the classroom. If your pitch contains a lot of graphs and tables, having a pointer will help you to focus attention on specific points throughout the presentation and make your pitch a lot easier to follow. Simple additions like this can make a big impact on how well your audience listens and understands your pitch.

Present Solutions

Rather than focusing on the fancy features of your product or service, pitch its benefits. What problem can it solve for the company or person you are pitching to? Will it make them a good profit? Offer more sustainable power? Make sure you really highlight what you can do for the client.