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There are few things that constitute as seriously stressful in the game of life, but asking your boss for a promotion is definitely one of them. Your palms get sweaty, your voice shrinks quicker than warm lettuce, your legs go wobbly and you start thinking about the risk you are putting yourself at. In a way, you are telling your boss that you are more observant than them, you are telling them how to do your job, and you are saying you deserve a promotion above all others. Yup. It’s a risky game to play.

But, if you have a strategy in place, well, your pursuit of the next level will be easier and you can finally disperse that feeling of being undervalued and overlooked.

Don’t Ask for The World

When someone wants a promotion, they want something specific from that promotion. It could be a raise in their salary, increased responsibilities, better perks and privileges, a better company car or car parking space. As a word of advice, we suggest you prioritise what you want. Literally, make a list of what you want in priority order because if you just go into the boss’ office – all sweaty palmed – and ask for everything, they’re going to get frustrated.

No Promotion Will Fix Your Life

This needs to be understood. It may help certain aspects, but it won’t fix everything because a promotion or a raise doesn’t bring about the kind of happiness most people crave. Yes, more money will make those furnished apartments you have your eye on more attainable, but before you go after more money in your current job, make sure it isn’t the job itself that is broken. It could be you need to move company’s, not climb the ladder.

It Is Rarely Just Merit That Is In Question

So many people make the mistake of thinking they deserve a promotion based on merit but, more often than not, that isn’t enough. There are company politics to think about, and a myriad of other factors that could sway a decision. So, if you really want to climb the ranks and get noticed by your boss, you really need to scrutinise what sort of culture you work in, find out what other factors come into play and focus on these.

Never, Ever Try Too Hard

You may think you’re the world’s most clever brown-noser but, trust us, you aren’t. Managers can spot a suck up from a mile off, and managers rarely like this behaviour. That’s where you’ll find your promotion efforts halted. So stop making your professional life all about catering to your boss’ every whim, request and desire, and start aligning yourself more with the company culture and doing your job as best you can, and even helping others do their job better too.

Give Something To Your Boss

Most people see a promotion as a need to get something from their boss without ever considering their boss’ point of view. If you’re going to get a promotion, there has got to be something in it for your boss. You’ve got to make it a win-win. So make your boss see how your promotion can benefit them, how your advancement can boost the company or reduce his stress or affect the bottom-line. Don’t focus on just what you need.