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Moving to a new job in a totally different location can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. However, before you start packing your bags ready to go, it is essential that you have weighed up the enormity of your decision. After all, it is not only about the job, but also the impact that the move will have on your personal and home life as well. You don’t want to base your entire decision on the paycheck that you will receive at the end. So, here are a few questions to ask before deciding whether or not to make the move.

Will the Relocation Advance Your Career?

Unless you are moving for personal reasons, you need to determine whether or not the new job will put you in a better position on the career ladder. Will you be entering a management position? Is it a big company with a good chance of progression? Is the company going to be paying for training and development? The internet is a fantastic tool which allows you to research companies so you can find out as much as possible about your potential place of work.

What is the Cost of Living in the New City?

Next up, you need to look closely at the cost of living in the new city. Check out the costs of buying or renting property, the taxes, and whether the everyday essentials will be cheaper or more expensive. Whatever salary you will be earning, this is only relative to the cost of living in the location, so this is an important factor to weigh up when you are making your decision.

What Are the Relocation Expenses?

The amount of money that you spend moving could end up being extremely high, so you should first find out if your new company is willing to pay for expenses or at least help out with them. If not, you need to investigate the different options available to you such as military movers and companies that specialise in this area. If the bill ends up being quite high, you need to know about this beforehand and be ready to deal with it.

How Big is the Industry in Your New City?

In days gone by, you would expect to stay in a job for a long period of time, but in today’s more unstable world, people tend to move from position to position. So, it is worth checking out how big the industry is in your new city. If there are ample jobs available, you are more likely to find a new opportunity if the current one doesn’t work out.

Will You Be Happy?

The final question may be a difficult one to answer, but the personal and emotional factors of your move are highly important. Are you moving to a city where you know people or will you have to start afresh? What sort of entertainment options will be available to you? What will your quality of life be like? If you can, try to visit the city before you make the big move.