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Make no mistake, having financial sense is a very marketable skill to have. It’s not just a single skill, really. Rather, it’s the base for a variety of different skills that could take you in quite a few different directions in your career.

Take a look at the jobs below and see which best fit your knowledge base and skill set, or which direction you’re most willing to take.

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Every business has books that need to be kept. They need to monitor how much they’re spending, where expenses are going, and they need to make sure they’re staying on top of payroll. Book-keeping is an administrative job that a lot of business owners simply don’t have the mathematical sense to get on top of. Besides a good mind for numbers, you’re going to need some keen organizational skills, including a running a plethora of databases and calculations. You need a perfect grasp on accuracy, so if attention to detail is your thing, it might be the way to go.

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Accounting takes things to a bit of a higher level than book-keeping, too. It also involves you giving some advice that you need to be fully qualified to legally give. Once you’ve been certified and chartered, however, you will find that you’re no longer just involved in admin. Instead, your role will be all about finding the right opportunities for businesses and opportunities to find the best returns on investment and cost-cutting methods. It might even include some services that help them ensure they’re getting all the tax breaks they’re entitled to. In serious business, accountants are considered an invaluable ally and rarely lack for work.

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If you know how to work the markets, how to balance portfolios and spot investment opportunities, then you might want to consider investing as a career. Rather than just putting your own money on the line, however, you might want to consider helping others decide how they do that. Look at pathways like how to become an investor services advisor and put your expertise into helping other maximize the opportunities they use to grow their finances. It can be particularly lucrative given how much money successful investors tend to make, too.

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If you’re looking to supplement current income or work entirely on your own brand, then you might want to consider helping the everyman, as well as the business owner and the investor. Starting your own blog and monetizing it is proving a useful way for many with the right knowledge to build their own income as well as their own personal brand. You could even expand it down the line by selling things like webinars and eBooks. Taking the route of the finance guru is particularly good for those with as much marketing sense as financial sense.

There are plenty of individuals, business owners, and corporations that will be glad to make use of a mind that knows finance. It’s all about deciding how much work you’re willing to put into building your knowledge base and finding the path that fits your passion.