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One industry that is growing at a rapid pace is personal training. This is because more and more people are becoming conscious about their health, and they want a personalised training plan that is suited to them. If this is a career path that appeals to you, use these top tips to help you get ahead:

  • Focus on the client, not the money – You will only be successful in your new career once you focus on the client rather than the money. In the beginning, it can be very easy to concentrate on how much money you can make. However, if you don’t deliver, you will soon lose the trust of your clients. After all, you get paid for delivering health, so integrity is a must.

  • Differentiate yourself – Nowadays, more and more people are getting involved in personal training. Because of this, you need to do all in your power to differentiate yourself. You need to recognise your strengths as a trainer, and use these to your environment. For example, do you prefer training adults, or are you comfortable working with teenagers? Do you excel in one-on-one environments, or do you prefer small group sessions?

  • Choose a personal training course with care – One of the most important factors for any personal trainer is where they learn their trade. There are many personal training courses to choose from, but they don’t all offer the same level of quality. Make sure the course you select does result in you becoming a Nationally Qualified Personal Trainer. Not only courses result in an official title. It is also a good idea to take the time to read reviews that have been left by those that have taken the course as well. This will give you a great insight into what to expect.

  • Build relationships – Don’t just count reps and load plates. You need to build relationships with your clients if you want to have a long and successful personal training career. Of course, it is imperative to be professional at all times, but it is always nice to get to know your clients. By doing this, you will build trust, and trust usually results in referrals, long-term loyalty, and more business opportunities.

  • Never over promise – As a PT, you need to learn the art of under promising and over delivering. A lot of entrepreneurs and trainers make the mistake of hyping themselves up too much in order to acquire a business relationship or client. This is all well and good, but once the client is required, they tend to fall flat on their face. This can destroy any budding personal trainer, which is why it is so important to be honest and to never promise more than you can deliver.

  • Network, network, and network some more – Finally, it is all about whom you know as a personal trainer. Success will follow if you are able to build a strong network. Take every opportunity you can get to shake someone’s hand and add him or her to your contact book.