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Everyone’s looking to get a raise. The cost of living is constantly rising, and wages are rarely matching inflation. All of this means that there has been a distinct rise in competition for new salary brackets and new positions. People want to make extra money because they need it to survive.

So as a professional you should be looking for ways to get that next big raise. But you should know by now that it isn’t all about just working harder. You should know that it’s also about working smarter. If you can find a way to automate parts of your workload, then you will be able to take the credit for the enterprising approach to your work and for the increased productivity.

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There are loads of professions that are not fully making use of the opportunity for automation. If you are willing to put in an extra bit of research, then you can apply some innovation at work that is sure to get you noticed next time those bonus reviews come around.

First of all, as a manager, you should think about automating your telephone systems. There are plenty of receptionists out there working hard in jobs that would be far easier if they took some time to understand the services available to help them. A hosted PBX, for example, will allow you to establish telephone trees to send callers to different departments.

This will cut down on the general need for receptionists, as well as the whole rigamarole of putting people on hold and having people wait. As a manager you will find that you have cut down on operations costs and time wasting at the same time.

You should also be making spreadsheets work for you. Many people note on their CVs that they have an advanced ability when it comes to using spreadsheets. But in practice this often means that they are generally familiar with how they appear, rather than how they can be adapted.

Spreadsheet technology has the potential to save you loads of time, depending on what you need it for. As an accountant, you should be using a spreadsheet on a daily basis. As a personal assistant, you should be thinking about the uses that a spreadsheet can have when it comes to totting up expenses and invoices.

You can also automate more complex tasks. If you are working in research orientated roles, there are plenty of ways to make basic applications to search the web for what you need. These will work in the same way as a search engine, but with more intricate mechanisms and more advanced search parameters.

If you are searching for websites with certain content on them, for example, then you should be taking the time to think about how to make an application that will do it for you. Having come up with this new way of going about things on your own, you will establish that you are worthy of a promotion or raise.

In each of these instances, the most important thing is to strike out on your own and prove that you have the ability to think without direct instruction. If you can prove this, whilst also saving your employer money, then you will definitely be in line for a raise.