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Construction jobs are always popular. Homes and buildings will always be needed and fall into disrepair quickly. This means that they have to be repaired and new ones have to be built. Construction jobs are varied, interesting and involve a lot of moving around which is good for your overall health.

They are also available in all parts of the country and indeed in all parts of the world. This means that you are not limited to where you live once you have chosen this as a career. You can pick a construction job up wherever you decide to move.

Construction is a board term to cover many types of jobs but within this, there are many specialist careers. One of the most popular is roofing.

Thinking of a roofing job?

Roofing jobs with a big firm are one of the most specialized of the construction jobs. You can expect weekly pay so you do not have to wait a long time for your money. This helps a lot with family cash flow and budgeting. The pay is competitive compared to other construction jobs and all the materials will be provided. You will be provided with consistent work all through the year which gives you financial peace of mind and the firm will cover the dumping fees.

No two days will be the same. You may be removing or repairing broken tiles or slates and this is referred to as stripping. Your role includes checking roof timbers and fitting felt sheets to roofs. This requires you to be able to measure and cut materials accurately so that you can cover roofs with slates, tiles or cladding.

If you want to work as a roofer it is essential that you get some training and that you are physically fit. You will be required to work at heights so you need to be certain that you are comfortable with this. You will need to be able to use ladders and scaffolding correctly and know what safety equipment (such as hard hats and knee-pads) are required.

Working at a height is potentially dangerous but it is possible to minimize the risks with a combination of the correct equipment and skills. Every task that you are asked to perform should be risk assessed and the safest system of work devised. The safest way to access the roof may be using a ladder, a mobile platform or scaffolding. Roof structures can be damaged and brittle and there may be a danger of falling through so a test of the structural strength may be needed before you start work. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance and you should never be asked to take risks with your own safety.

The job is physically demanding so you need to be in good health and able to get onto and off roofs safely without endangering yourself, others or damaging the fabric of the building. You will be required to work outside in all weather conditions but the views are spectacular!