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Staring hard into a white abyss, whether it’s a glaring computer screen or a blank piece of paper, can cause any creative person to lose their mind while attempting to find inspiration.

In fact, if you do it for long enough, you might find yourself suffering from a spontaneous brain haemorrhage and collapsing to the ground without an idea to push you through the pain.

OK, so it’s not that serious. But it’s agonizing not being able to come up with a concept that ignites your flame and gets your creative juices flowing. If you’re a creative web designer in a rut, consider the following five tips to help inspire you.

Browse the Web for Ideas

Instead of thinking so hard it makes your head hurt and allowing designer’s block to crush your artistic soul, turn your brief lapse of creativity into a humbled moment. With the Internet at your fingertips, you shouldn’t have a problem finding inspiring work from those who are in your industry. After all, there are about 2.14 billion websites out there, which means endless pages of designs — some great ones, some good ones, and a lot bad ones. You be the judge.

Get Off Your Computer

If perusing the Internet and browsing through an endless sea of websites for inspiration doesn’t do the trick, consider turning off your computer and staying away from it for some time. As a web designer, you spend hours each day glued to your computer chair and hypnotized by your computer screen. Break the trance by pushing the power button and clicking on the “power off” icon (don’t you dare click on “restart”!). Your mind will thank you later for it.

Listen to Music

OK, so you’ve turned your computer off and are wondering what to do with your new-found freedom away from your dream machine. For starters, you might want to take a load off by putting on a pair of headphones and letting the music stimulate your mind and soul. According to this study, music at about 60 beats-per-minute can put the brain in a bright and breezy frame of mind. The Concertos for Recorder & Telemann & Viola da Gamba is highly recommended.

Hang Out With Your Friends

Another way to get your mind off your work, besides drifting off to magical music, is to call your friends and spend quality time with them. After all, you’ve probably neglected to nurture your relationships, since you’re always in front of your computer on Friday and Saturday nights while everyone else is out having fun (that’s what makes you so good, right?). There’s nothing wrong with putting your work on pause and gathering inspiration from a few friendly conversations.

Do Something Spontaneous

You wouldn’t be talented at creative web design if you weren’t somewhat spontaneous and knew how to channel that into your work. Instead of letting your computer hog all your spontaneity, take a spur-of-the-moment trip somewhere that’ll put your mind at ease and inspire your creativity. Whether it’s camping in the woods, sightseeing in another city, or simply walking along a beach, take time to refresh your senses so you’re re-energized the next time you see your computer.

Are you a creative web designer? How do you keep the proverbial pistons firing on all cylinders?