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Sometimes inspirations come from most unexpected quarters. If you are a student looking to achieve in your academics or a job seeker who has been looking to land in a lucrative job or a career change, then there is plenty in yoga that will inspire you to find a great one.

You may be a little perplexed when I say yoga can help you find a job or in your academics, you may want to know how. Yoga is not just another form of keeping your body fit through different postures (asana that is what yoga teachers call it).


It is more about using your mind to control yourself and your emotions, as much as your body itself. Yoga is capable of transforming your inner self, your attitude toward fellow humans and your philosophy.

Everyone among us have our own priorities. We have bills to pay, meet children’s education expenditures, and pay for mortgages/rent for homes, and still save something for old age. With these and other commitments, yoga is not really a priority for many of us though we understand the benefits that will accrue to us from it.

The same goes well in the case of students busy with their academics. Yoga has helped people build confidence in them, people who have practiced it say. The concepts behind yoga can help you face job interviews with confidence, tackle all the problems associated with your academics and the lessons you learn in yoga are highly relevant to real life, believe me.

If you have been seeking a new job or a career change or even looking for the best teaching solutions to excel in your academic life, here is how the philosophy behind yoga can help you land the dream job you have always aspired for. I am not saying you should join a yoga class today. Just stick to the principles underlying yoga and apply it to your own situation.

Keep an Open, Flexible Mind

For beginners yoga can be very daunting if you have never exercised your body before. Most asana, on the face of it, is virtually impossible to perform you may think. But truth is otherwise. The ability to make your body flexible is not in your body, but within your mind, and that is what yoga says. Therefore what you need to do first is make your mind flexible – be open to new ideas and be willing to experiment.

Your quest for a new job is very much like the lesson on flexibility you learn in yoga. The same applies when you are at your study trying to understand the most complex subjects. That means you should be willing to adjust yourself to a new environment, be willing to learn new skills and pursue new endeavors.

You should be willing to accept challenges you have never faced before. This may be a little difficult to do in the beginning of your new job or during complex learning but the good news is your mind will adapt itself once you accept flexibility as your driving force.

Enjoy the Uncertainty of Looking for a New Job

Most people who look for a new job or career lay their emphasis on what they hope to achieve after they have landed the job. That is fine, but there is more to it than what meets your eyes. Yoga teaches that every effort we take during our lifetime is an endeavor we need to sustain till the end of our life. It teaches that achievements are not an end in themselves, and more important we need to set new goals and new heights to scale. This keeps our minds active and wards off lethargy. The rule is, enjoy what you are doing without ever measuring your success.

Apply the same rule when you are looking for a new job. Never be excited about a job you have landed nor be disappointed when your application is rejected. Enjoy your journey toward finding a dream job and you will land one ultimately. When you enjoy the process of looking for a new job, you will not become desperate and that is a big advantage in any job interview.

In the world of business, hard facts carry weight and employers are least bothered about giving a job to a desperate person. When you are relaxed and you are enjoying the interview, you will be looked upon as someone cool, trustworthy and capable. These are great qualities that employers like in their employees.

Breath Consciously Throughout the Process

The first lesson in yoga is about maintaining proper breathing habits. When you breathe properly, blood flows freely and in right quantity throughout your body. It replenishes body cells and activates them to perform better. The result is a livelier body that keeps you active throughout the day. In yoga, you breathe consciously knowing what you are doing and how you are doing it. When your breathing is conscious, your muscles relax and your body becomes flexible.

In job hunting / understanding your lessons too you need to breathe properly, but that term is used in a very different context. It means that, if you have been consistently meeting failed interviews or failing during your exams, you need to relax a bit by not attending too many interviews or struggling too much while learning. It is the same as giving your endeavor a breathing time. Stop attending interviews in quick succession and concentrate on what you are doing now. You can always get back to searching a little later refreshed and with a newfound vigor.

You Are Only as Good as Your Confidence

In yoga there are infinitely different postures. Some are easy and some so tough that most people never even try to do them. So how good you are at yoga is a matter of what you attempt and try to master. If you try with confidence, success is yours at the end.

There is a lesson for everyone in this. If you try harder and push yourself to the extreme, success cannot stay away from you for long. Always think that you are capable of shouldering job responsibilities and speak with an I-can attitude, and you will be able to win the job or achieve in your academics. Never be bothered by your past failures. Remember that we all learn from failures until we succeed.

Your Mind Should Be Under Your Control

Yoga has taught people that control over mind is important to postures. If your mind is confident, your body obeys its commands. If you let loose the body out of your mind it will boss over you.

Before you attend a job interview or attempt learning your hard lessons, tame your mind into believing that you will be able to perform to your prospective employer’s / educator’s expectations. The secret is in how well your mind is tamed. When you are able to tame your mind, you will be able to radiate confidence – the ultimate thing that employers / teachers really want.

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