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While your pals may be eager to earn big bucks and they care very little about the method and means of ensuring this, you have other priorities when it comes to your working life. You yearn for a job that is more than just a mundane 9 to 5 sat in front of a laptop for eight hours a day. You want to do something worthwhile, make a positive impact and be certain of achieving a high level of job satisfaction. At the same time, you don’t want to be scrimping and saving and unable to enjoy life simply in pursuit of a noble cause. Is it possible to earn a decent wage and secure job satisfaction?

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Help Others

You don’t have to be a charity worker or a doctor to help others. There are plenty of well-paid professions that require people who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Doctors get paid handsomely, yet you won’t find many people following this career path if they simply wanted to become rich. They have an inner desire to help people overcome illness.

If becoming a doctor isn’t suitable, you could look into other caring professions such as physiotherapy or psychology. Studying for an online Christian psychology degree equips you with the skills needed to work in a variety of settings as a psychologist. You may find yourself helping the most vulnerable members of society in a clinic or as an outreach worker and earning a decent wage. With this career route, you will be sure of job satisfaction.

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See An Impact

Many people find their job satisfaction not by helping other people but by seeing the impact they are having in their immediate surroundings. For those people who love the outdoors and the area in which they live, becoming an environmental officer gives them the chance to create new habitats for wildlife or ensure the protection of an endangered species. Preserving something for future generations is admirable and a career path that warrants your attention. Seeing the impact you have, enjoying the eight hours a day that you spend at work and creating a legacy can be hugely satisfying.

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Other individuals love the idea of shunning the corporate and using their creative flair and talents to make useful items for others. They may design furnishings for within the home, invent handy new tools for niche markets or even restore once loved items such as vintage typewriters so that they can be used again. Seeing others take an interest in your craft of choice and purchasing your products can be rewarding and could see you earning an artisan wage. You won’t have to work for anyone else but yourself and you could find yourself enjoying much more freedom as a result.

The world of blue-chip companies, investment, and finance, is still appealing to the finest college graduates. However, the money you earn in these professions can never replace the ultimate job satisfaction you could achieve working for yourself, saving the environment or helping others.