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YouTube isn’t just for beauty and fashion bloggers who want to increase their following and make money. Businesses need YouTube channels too – and you should make sure you set yours up before it’s too late.

Not convinced that a YouTube channel is something you have the time or resources for? Read on to find out why you need to make them:

You Can Improve Your Reach

2 million videos are watched every day on YouTube, which gives you a much better chance of being seen and improving your reach. Plus, if your videos are helpful and attractive, there’s every chance that people will share your video. Nobody is saying that you’ll go viral, but it’s a possibility when you create videos. It makes sense to start marketing using videos.


It’s The Second Largest Search Engine

Nope, it’s not Yahoo or Bing. After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. There’s every chance that your audience are already searching for you on there. Not only that, YouTube is owned by Google, and making sure you’re doing what they want you to do can boost your SEO significantly. In fact, even when searching on Google, 68% of results show up YouTube videos!

Videos Aren’t That Difficult To Create

Many people are put off by YouTube videos as they think they’ll be making them for hours. This isn’t the case; YouTube videos aren’t as difficult to create as you might think. You can use your phone to start with as long as your video is staged well and your audio quality is good. You can then branch out into better cameras and set ups when you’ve made a couple of videos and you’ve got a taste for it. Sources like can teach you more about YouTube if you need to learn more before you create your videos. There are so many things you can cover in videos, including:

- Product unboxing
- Tips
- Walkthroughs
- Local news
- Office tours
- Customer testimonials
- Events and conferences
- Interviews

And more!

Explain Things in A More Attractive Way

Your audience likely have some questions about your product/service that they are going to want you to answer. Sure, you could do this with a FAQ page, or even by writing a blog, but consider creating helpful videos to answer their questions instead. It’s much less effort for people to watch a video than read a blog post, and you can get the information across in a shorter amount of time. Not only that, it’s more attractive, shareable, and you get to show off your personality and tell your brand story.

When you create a YouTube channel for your business, you’ll strengthen your brand and your online presence. Your SEO will improve, you’ll start building a loyal customer base, and you might even have fun creating your videos. This is one of the most effective ways to market your business in 2018, so don’t wait much longer before setting up a channel of your own.

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