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They say patience is a virtue and that’s true. Patience will get you far. It will ensure that you take a measured, mindful and tactical approach to your life rather than rushing blindly in. While there is a lot to be said for the motivation that comes from a passionate burst of power be it in work or business ownership – taking the slow road will almost always ensure that you return with better results.

Planning, mindfulness – everything good in life stems from a patient approach. If you go for a job interview, it pays to be patient than the opposite. If you are working for someone who might not understand your needs, being patient with them might have better results for you. Patience is the path forward.


Patience is also encouraged with investing. If you make rash decisions when investing it could be for a number of reasons. You could have been pressured into the investment by acquaintances (which can actually happen), or you’ve rushed into an investment because it is the first one that caught your eye and the excitement is too much to hold back (this definitely happens).

If you aren’t patient and conservative with investing, you can run into a number of bad paths and end up wasting your money, or getting a tiny return on it as opposed to a fairly decent return.


So, if you’ve come into some money, if you’ve been granted a payrise or sealed that yearly bonus, if you’ve finally managed to save up a good amount of cash – you might be thinking of investing. Everyone does when they’ve got a chunk of money that they want to use to further their life a little bit. Investing is all about making your money work for you – you invest in an area, you get money back which is a return. Your money has a job where it earns for you. However rushing into investments is almost always a terrible idea.

Investments are always something that needs patience. Why is that? Well – no matter if you are buying estate from Marti Newsome, investing in the stocks of a company being traded on the stock market or purchasing commodities to sell on, you need to be patient so that you can make the right decision all the time.

Patience and a patient approach to investing lends itself well to some of the tasks that you will need to perform to ensure that you are putting your cash into the right place with your investment. Patience means that you can effectively research your investment, it means you can plan for future investments. Patience will always be rewarded with investing, which can be quite volatile.

So, if you’re going to invest – be patient. Keep saving your money up if your research tells you to avoid opportunities that you are gunning for. With investment, it pays to be patient. Your desire, passion, and impatience will never be rewarded when investing, so stick to your guns and take the slower path for a richer return.