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If you’ve ever worked in a sales environment, you’ll have noticed that certain people seem to “just get it.” They have an uncanny ability to weave their way into the buyer’s unconscious and get them to part with their cash, no matter what their initial level of resistance.

What is it that marks these individuals apart from regular salespeople? How is it that they are able to get buyers to make purchase decisions, and remain happy with them, so consistently?

Rule #1: They Know Their Market


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Often, top sellers get to their enviable position by being picky about the people they choose to sell to. They quickly get a sense of who they have a connection with and who they don’t, reacting to individual needs. If for instance, you’re the type of salesperson who gets on best with people their own age, then it makes sense for you to target this particular demographic. Similarly, if you have a particular cultural affinity, you could use this to your advantage.

Rule #2: They Hone Their Skills

In practically every discipline in life, some people are naturally talented at what they do. Mozart was a natural musician, Pele was a great footballer, and Steve Jobs was a great salesman. But every one of those individuals with natural talent still had to train their skills to reach new heights. It didn’t happen automatically.

Salespeople need to do the same. To be the very best you can be, join a program such as EJ4 training. Training will expose you to new situations and force you to think about selling in ways that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Rule #3: They Make Themselves More Likeable

As a salesperson, it’s essential that you’re likable right from the outset. If somebody meets you and takes a disliking to you, they’ll spend the rest of the conversation finding excuses not to buy from you. As always, it’s a good idea to start with the basics. Bad breath is a massive no-no, so get your teeth sorted before you even begin speaking to customers. Next, work on your body language and the way that you introduce yourself to customers. Those first few seconds are essential, so practice them, again and again, to make yourself as approachable and authentic as possible.

Rule #4: They Find Out What Customers Really Want

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The majority of salespeople think that the name of the game is to sell the product. But truly great salespeople know that this isn’t true. Instead, they dig a little deeper to find out what it is that a customer really wants. For instance, suppose that you’re in the business of selling mobile phones. You could focus on the beauty of the device and all the functionality, or you could do what Steve Jobs did, and just point out that with a smartphone, people finally have a computer in their pocket.

There are dozens of problems people might want a new phone to solve, like being able to read a book on the train or take pictures of themselves while surfing. Find out what these problems are and exploit them.