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If you have started off a budding career in law or have just finished a degree in law, you may be wondering which types of law practice areas are best. In this current climate, there are a lot of law practices that are suffering as a result of the recession, but there are some that are thriving. So, depending on where you feel your career options lie here are a few areas that are demanding additional workers.

Labor And Employment Law

Due to a lot of business downsizing as well as a declining job market, it’s inevitable that there will be an increase in employment law suits. A lot of unemployed workers are struggling in a financial sense, so they will be more likely to pursue a claim with regards to unemployment issues such as an accident at work. If you look at the Denena Points Injury Lawyers website, you will see workplace injuries, especially on construction sites or in factories due to a negligent employer, is a very common example of a personal injury claim. So this may be a suitable avenue to go down as these issues are becoming increasingly common.

Bankruptcy Law

Naturally, as many people who are facing unemployment or have been made unemployed as a result of businesses shutting down will file for bankruptcy. People are unable to pay their debt or mortgage, and depending on where you are in the world you may see a lot of instances of escalating medical costs as well as foreclosures. People also need help in rebuilding their assets if they have gone deep into the red. So if you have a specialized knowledge of bankruptcy, an attorney or a paralegal, or another profession within the legal industry you will be in demand.

Environmental Law

It is a very common part of the world we live in now. As more people are very aware of environmental issues and are pushing for the use of renewable energies and sustainability, this has created a lot of work for environmental attorneys as a professional adviser. There are many lawyers who can give vital advice to companies on how they can improve upon their green initiatives or implement sustainability processes into the organization. As the increase in climate change, as well as concerns about global warming and greenhouse gases, continue to rise there will be a high amount of legal work for environmental lawyers as time goes on.

In addition to these three areas, there are many other areas of practice which prove very lucrative for attorneys. Intellectual property, as well as the more contemporary practices such as e-discovery, are popular. But there are also the standard “bread and butter” areas of law like intellectual property as well as foreclosure law which are still in rude health. If you are at the start of your career and you are thinking about what areas to practice in, it may make common sense to go for a very popular practice. But beware, this does mean that you will be competing with a lot of other attorneys for clients, so if you can find an area which you can carve out an efficient niche for yourself, this will be the best approach.