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Fed up with earning lots of money for a big corporation? Spending the best years of your life stuck in a workplace, doing a job you’re not passionate about? Maybe you want more flexible hours, or are done with long daily commutes? If so, why not think about setting up your own business?

It’s something you can pour your efforts and creativity into and feel really proud of. You get to work when you want, with no boss to answer to and can live a completely different kind of lifestyle. But are you really ready to take the leap? Here are a few things to bear in mind.

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Do You Have The Funding?

In business, you have to spend money to make money- especially in the beginning. Even if you plan on setting up your new venture from home, you will need equipment, you will need to pay someone to design your website, you will need to buy stock or materials. You could start saving while you’re still in full-time work and get the business up and running before quitting your day job. That way you don’t have a period where you’re losing money and waiting for customers to come rolling in. If setting up a business is more of a snap decision, there are places which offer fast business loans. Be sure to check interest rates and work repayments into your budget, so you don’t end up overspending.

Do You Have The Knowledge and Expertise?

Are you really knowledgeable enough about business in general, as well as the area you plan on selling in to do well? It’s all very well ‘having a go, ’ and while some businesses might get lucky, there’s a reason others fail drastically. Spend some time doing market research, make sure you’re certain that there’s a market for whatever it is you’re selling. Perfect your unique selling point so that you stand out from your competitors. Seek business advice from a professional if needed. Business is complicated, don’t just take a chance. You will save yourself money and hassle by ensuring that everything is done right from the beginning.

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Do You Understand The Risks?

Creating your own business can be incredibly lucrative. Tap into the right market, offering products or services that people can’t easily get elsewhere and you have the potential to do very well. But business can also be risky. Do you know what you would do if your customer base doesn’t pick up as quickly as you’d like? Would you be able to recover if your profits are low one month- or you don’t make anything at all? Highlighting the risks and knowing what could possibly happen allows you to plan for these things.

Starting your own business can be tricky but incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking to switch your career and focus your energy on something you have created yourself, then it could be worthwhile considering.