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Of all the professions out there, none are as highly sought after than those in the creative industry. These are the jobs that make the shows, concerts, art galleries, and more happen – and also where all of the world’s biggest stars make their fortune and show the world their talents. As such, it’s understandable why anyone who wants to be a part of this glamorous world. It’s also understandable why getting one of these positions is so competitive. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can get your foot in the door, whether you ultimately want to be a costume designer, actor, singer, or anything else.


Making Connections

There’s something to be said for Bob Dylan, Coco Chanel, and Ernest Hemingway, all of whom made it to the top by always following their own path, and not waiting for anyone else to open a door for them. But those people are the exceptions, not the rule. As such, if you want to make it in show business, then you’ll need to get pretty good at making connections. Connect with other people in your industry, and make sure you know what’s happening. If nothing else, it’ll help you to improve your skills, but it might just open a door that would otherwise have remained closed.

Be a Self-Starter

No-one’s going to put anything on your plate. They’ll only help you cross the finish line. As such, you need to be doing the majority of the legwork on your way to success. If you’re a musician, then this means writing your own material, organising your own concerts, and so on. If you’re an artist, then get creating art – you don’t have to wait for anyone to permit you to show the world your talents. You just do it and hope someone pays attention.

Receive Training

As naturally talented as you might be, it’s important that you receive some sort of formal training in your chosen creative field. You’ll learn new skills, perfect the ones you already have, and – perhaps most importantly – be immersed in a world you eventually want to work in. There are a lot of courses out there, so make sure you pick the one that’s right for you. If you’re passionate about acting, and you’re willing to work hard to improve your craft, then choose the Meisner Technique Studio. If you’re a writer who works best when you’re alone, but still want to receive training, then an online writing course might be the best option.

Your Attitude

Your attitude is going to be one of the biggest tools you have when it comes to breaking into a creative industry. Why? The name is in the title. It’s about bringing creativity, not being a passenger and letting the others do the work. If you have confidence in your skills, then you’ll have the right ingredients for success.

Staying Persistent

Finally, remember that no-one succeeds the first time around, or anywhere close to it. Following your dreams takes time, so be patient and persistent!