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The wrong office chair will make you fat.

Yep, you read that correctly. Bad chairs aren’t just uncomfortable. They have a wide range of negative implications, such as reduced concentration, digestive problems, and, yes, a potential increase in body fat.

Clearly, it’s in everyone’s interest to find a suitable seating solution. That’s never truer than in an office. You might be sitting at your desk for hours at a time, day after day, and week after week.


Want to know how to find the right chair for you?

Keep reading for 5 components of a great office chair with wheels. 

How to Find the Best Office Chair with Wheels

Every office worker deserves a comfortable, ergonomic seating solution. Here are 5 qualities of the perfect office chair to keep you satisfied at work.

1. Swivel-ability

Everyone loves a swivel chair.

But the benefits go beyond pure fun and the ability to procrastinate at work. Being able to swivel around takes pressure off your body. A fixed chair forces you to twist and turn. Over time that can strain your body unnecessarily.

Likewise, arm fatigue can become an issue as you forever reach from one thing to another.

2. Height Adjustable

There’s nothing worse than a chair of the wrong height.

No-one wants their feet dangling off the floor at work.

Ensure your new chair can be height adjusted to your size. You should be sitting with your feet on the floor, and thighs horizontal with it.

3. Appropriate Lumbar Support

Your back is victim number one with bad chairs.

Sitting for hours at a time with no lumbar support and a bad posture is a recipe for disaster over time. The best office chairs have lower back support that you can adjust to your body. This can make a significant difference in avoiding back strain.

Even better are chairs that combine adjustable lumbar support with an ergonomic shape. A flexible and curved back to the chair will conform to your body and help you sit comfortably.

4. Armrests

A good chair is incomplete with an armrest.

They prevent your shoulders, arms and neck taking excessive amounts of strain. You’ll be able to sit comfortably and be less able to slouch too.

You should be able to adjust the height of the armrests though. Remember, your chair should be totally personalized to your needs.

5. Appropriate Wheel Base

Not all wheels are made equal.

Some are designed for specific surfaces. You should match your wheelbase to your needs.

That’s not to say you require a heavy duty caster. However, you may want something more suited to carpet, or wood, or whatever office flooring you sit upon every day.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: how to find the right office chair with wheels.

Sitting in a bad chair will have negative implications over time. They can lead to all sorts of physical and mental issues. That’s especially true for anyone (such as an office worker) who sits at their desk for extended periods of time.

Having the right chair makes a big difference. Hopefully, the information here will help you in your search for a quality office seating solution!

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