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Most businesses are constantly driving to improve efficiency and output. One area that is often scrutinized the most is the human resource. How can you get more for your money when you invest in people? Not many workers would appreciate seeing their workload increase without some sort of pay rise.

However, there are ways that you can help the people in your team produce more, produce better, and be happier to do it too.

The secret is not to push, but to find the right motivating factors. For many employees, the hassle of boring admin gets in the way of an otherwise productive afternoon. Many people would love the opportunity spending time in a creative role, developing ideas, and letting others hear about them. So how can you reduce the mind-numbing work to free the creative thinking process?

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Automating systems can help here. Apps that require clicks rather than lengthy written passages can help too. Can you offer multiple choice instead of an essay question? This offers more consistent reporting, and a reduction in time taken to complete the task. It might even help to reduce the number of errors. Perhaps it can even cut down on your use of paper?

Offer your employees the chance to better themselves with continued education and training. To benefit your business, you might assume the courses had to relate the job they’re in. But you may find expanding the skill set of a member of staff makes them more valuable to your company as the progress through their career.

Continuing education is essential for many sectors. All staff must stay current with certification and legislation. When you look for cheap CE courses, try to choose companies that can offer the most effective training solutions for each member of staff. Why not select education opportunities that can offer your team even more experience? This is helpful for the roles they might progress toward in the future.

A lack of experience can be overcome with time, but tackling that very first time doing the job can be challenging. You might have to supervise more closely, taking up your time and other resources. Of course, a lack of experience in one team member gives another an opportunity to gain experience in mentoring or supervision.

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See how you can utilize challenges like this to provide more experience, training, and proficiency for your team. If these people are hungry for new tasks and career progression, chances are you won’t have to push them into the challenge at all.

How can you add more duties to an employee’s task sheet? Be fair. Chances are you’ll have more buy-in if you’re taking something away at the same time. This could be as simple as reducing the time it takes to do other tasks by offering efficiency measures.

You might pass one or two duties to another member of staff. Do these duties offer more experience at senior level tasks? If they know this extra responsibility counts toward their career progression, your team member may be quite keen to take it on. After all, what did you have to do to get where you are today?