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It’s in our nature to tell stories. Imagined, or recounted, everything we do is tied up in narratives of one form or another. This applies in the business world, too. Often, when a business doesn’t work out, it’s because they failed to tell a story. When you fail in this aspect, it can be difficult to earn enough to keep yourself going. You need to present your business as a narrative people can get behind.

If you’re unsure why a narrative is necessary, consider that we connect with stories from a young age. They teach us about human nature and empathy. And, if a story is well written, no one can help but get behind it. With that in mind, let’s look at the main areas in which narrative can improve your enterprise.

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Customer loyalty

As mentioned above, everybody loves a well-written book. Touching people’s hearts with your stories is a sure way to develop a sense of loyalty. Take, as an example, the legacy of J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter fans are the most devoted you could imagine. While you won’t be able to muster that level of love, you want to develop at least some devotion in your clientele.

You can do this by injecting a story into your marketing method. Let people know who you are, and where you’ve come from. Tell them what motivates you, and what you dream of at night. In short; make yourself a character they care about. Remember that a poorly written story is more damaging than no story at all. If you don’t think you could succeed here, turn the task over to a company like Explore Inbound, who specialize in helping companies spread their message. Wordsmiths like these are sure to spin a tale worth sharing.

For your team

Your business narrative can also help with inside operations. Team morale and happiness are essential to any successful business. You want staff members to believe in and have passion for your company. And, how better to do that than letting them feature on the pages of your story? Letting staff know who you are and where you’ve been will help build decent working relationships. And, inviting them into your story will ensure they feel as though they’re part of something. It’s a fantastic way to harbor passion in your workforce.

Keeps the pace going

In a book, the purpose of the narrative is to keep the pace going. It’s the forward force which moves the story from one scene to another. And, a decent business narrative can do the same for your company. Keeping production moving forward, and always attempting to expand and improve upon your story, is a sure way to find success. It may be that you set your sights on a happy ending, and work hard to reach it. Of course, your conclusion won’t so much be an ending, as a sequel. But, you get the idea! So, without further ado, head out there and start telling your story.